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Mystery River

No description

Gracie Cain

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Mystery River

Mystery River
By: Hope Stalter, Lexi Egeberg, Addi Jones, and Gracie Cain

The problem is, the mussels are disappearing. We think it is pollution that is causing the mussels to disappear. Now we will tell you the reason for the mussels disappearance.
We think the mussels are burrowing, because of garbage in the park, the smoke from the construction sites in the undeveloped land, the smoke from BioTech, and the junk from the farm are making the mussels going underground and hiding. Here is a video proving mussels can go underground. During the video, the white tongue-like thing coming out of the shell helpsthe mussel move the ground and pull the itself underground. Enjoy!
Reproduction Problem
We also think the mussels could be leaving and here is why. The garbage from Hopewell Metro Park and the smoke from the factories may be causing the mussels to leave. The trash may be forcing the mussels to head up to Crowford Creek, Kenton Run ,and Bunton Run.
The reasons we think pollution is the answer because of burrowing, a reproduction problem, Mussels dying out or mussels leaving. So now lets talk about burrowing.
So in the cycle of reproducing envolves a fish host. We think that the pollution is killing the fish host and the fish hosts could be leaving. If the mussels don't have fish hosts they can't reproduce
Our solution is if they move the factories far away from the Shawnee River, and have the people in the Hopewell Metro Park not through garbage and litter the mussels could come back reproduce, come up from the ground. Here is our final statement about pollution.
These were the reasons that we think that pollution is the cause of the mussels disappearing.
Dying out
We think the mussels could be dying out from the pollution. We did some research on what types of pollution can hurt mussels. Here is what we read,"Mussels are particularly sensitive to copper, ammonia, and several other pesticides, which can wash into streams from nearby land." We decided that many mussels could be dying out from different pesticides, then their shell being washed downstream with the current.
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