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'An Inspector Calls': The Class System in Britain in 1912

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Catherine Artist

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of 'An Inspector Calls': The Class System in Britain in 1912

'An Inspector Calls': The Class System in Britain in 1912
Draw a triangle
with 8 stratas

Correctly label each one with:
-Working class
-Labouring class
-Vagrant class
-Upper-middle class
-Upper class
-Lower-middle class
Note down the definitions
-Includes the homeless, prostitutes and petty criminals
-Includes workers in mines, mills, factories and farms, doing gruelling or repetitive work for low pay
-Includes shop workers and medical staff such as nurses
-Includes people with administrative or secretarial roles
- Includes lower-ranking professionals with university educations and wealthy businessmen employing large numbers of workers
- People with high standing in the Church, Law, Military or Medicine. Also includes knights created by royalty or the government for services to the state
- People who originally received land or titles from the monarch and have passed them down through generations.
Understanding & Analysis
Decide where each of the following characters from the play would fit into the class pyramid:
a) Gerald Croft
b) the Inspector
c) Mr. Birling
d) Mrs. Birling
e) Sheila Birling
f) Eva Smith
Draw up a class pyramid for the 21st century. Then write a paragraph noting down the major differences between your modern day structure and the social hierarchy in the 1912.
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