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Career Shadowing

No description

Shannon Diehl

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Estates of Carpenters Shannon Diehl
Period 5 purpose of company?
To provide healthcare to older adults and
help live with the highest quality of life
as possible. where will this company bein 15 years?
Still going strong and still standing Employability skills needed to work for company?
Be able to work well with others and good knowledge. Average Salary and education needed to work here?
High school diploma, GED Technology used?
computer, wii, CCD projector, and wondergaurd. skills (job- related and socail etiquette) needed for job?
Interacting with others, good communication, team work and
be open to new ideas Would i pursue this career?
Yes i would pursue this career because it was
such a wonderful experience and a great feeling
helping other who need alot of your help. What did I like best?
I like the fact that i got to play and help
other. I also liked being able to meet people
who used to be in World War 2 and people who used to work in the white house. They tell you all there stories and they were just so interesting What did i dislike?
I disliked seeing the really sick elderly and the ones who just couldnt function right anymore. This one lady couldnt talk or walk anymore and she used adult diapers and she cant breathe through her nose so she was breathing through her mouth and making these noises and i just started crying.
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