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Science 7:Classifying Matter!! :)

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Lakshiga Kesavan

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Science 7:Classifying Matter!! :)

10. A mechanical mixture is a mixture with parts you can see. For example in chocolate chip ice cream, you can see the chocolate chips and the ice cream. 1. Classifying Matter
Science 7
Rebecca 3. Matter is anything
that has volume and
mass 4.
all matter are made of tiny particles
particles have empty spaces between them
you may not be able to see them but, particles are moving randomly all the time
when heated, particles move faster and spread farther apart
particles attract each other and stay together rather than fly apart - particles are close
(moving around) - a definite shape - does not take shape of its
container - does not have definite volume Liquid Solid Gas - particles closely packed
together (does not move a
lot) - particles far apart (moving
around quickly) - no definite shape - takes shape of
its container - has a
volume - a state of
matter 6. Liquid: coffee Solid: sugar Pencil Book Soil Chair 6. Binder 8. A mixture is a matter
that contains two or more pure
substances; it contains more than
one type of particle. For example,
strawberry yogurt is a mixture
because it contains; milk, cream,
strawberries, sugar, etc. 9. 9. Clear apple juice is a
mixture because the apple juice
contains sodium, sugar, vitamin C,
carbohydrates, etc. Since the apple
juice contains more than one pure
substance, it is a mixture 2.
Matter: anything that takes up space and has mass
Chemistry: the study of matter and it's changes
Particle Theory of Matter: the particle theory states that all matter is made up of tiny particles
Solid: a state of matter with a definite volume and a definite shape
Volume: a measure of the quantity of space occupied by an object
Liquid: a state of matter with a definite volume, but no definite; a liquid takes it's shape of the container
Gas: a state of matter that doesn't not have a definite volume or a definite shape; a gas takes the shape and volume of it's container
Pure Substances: matter that only contains one type of particle
Mixture: matter that contains two or more pure substances mixed together
Mechanical Mixture/Heterogeneous Mixture: a mixture with different parts that you can see
Solution/Homogeneous Mixture: a mixture that looks like a single pure substance 11. A solution is a mixture that looks like a pure substance. For example spring water contains spring water and ozone but you only see a transparent, colorless liquid. Gas: fire smoke 12. A mechanical mixture and a solution are both mixtures, you can easily tell if the mixture is a mechanical mixture since you can see the different parts. Solutions look like pure substances so they are harder to tell. 13. a)Salad b)Granola Bar c)Pizza d)Relish e)Oreo 14. a)Milk b)Tomato Ketchup c)Milk Chocolate Kisses 5. Main idea: particles have
empty spaces between them. 7. A pure substance is a matter that
contains more than one type of particle.
For example, aluminum foil is a pure substance because it only contains
aluminum particles 17. No, you can not tell if a liquid is a pure substance or a solution just by looking at it because even though solutions are mixtures, they look like pure substances. In solutions you don't see the different parts of the mixture which makes it look like a pure substance. 18. Particle Theory Of Matter
Above and under
Outside and inside
You can't see them
But they're randomly moving

They attract each other,
Rather than repel another
They may stick together
But there is always empty spaces

You might not believe this
But all matter
Are made from tiny particles d)Water e)Vanilla Yogurt (( )) (( )) (( )) (( )) (( )) (( )) (( )) (( )) The Three States of Matter 16. We agree with Meena that a glass of orange juice with pulp in it is a mechanical mixture because even though the juice and pulp come from oranges,there are particles of vitamins, the orange itself etc... Therefore it is a mechanical mixture since there are more than one type of particle in the glass of orange juice. Check This Video Out!!
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