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Technology vs. Science Venn Diagram

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Benjamin Patton

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Technology vs. Science Venn Diagram

• It's what makes technology happen
• Can part with the bodies of humans and animals
• It can be bacteria and germs
• Can't be man made
• Needs to happen on its own
• Doesn't need help by humans to react or happen
• Should be made by nature or other natural occurrences
• It can happen in our bodies
• It can happen within weather

• Both can make our life easier
• We use both all of the time in our daily life
• It may have negative effects
• It may have positive effects
• Both can be fun to use or explore
• Both are used in many jobs
• Both associate with mathematics
• Both can be make big occurrences or be big in general
• Both can make make small occurrences or be small in general.
• Both can make big impacts on our world and could even end it or severely damage it
• Both can kill people
• Both change over time

• It is not natural
• Can not be found out in nature
• It has to be man made
• It can't be living
• Can be made up of multiple things or parts
• It is powered by science
• It is separated into groups or categories such as medical, bio-, etc...
• It is used and maintained by engineers, doctors and many other jobs
• It is created by science
• Can be invented or though of
• Can associate with the design process to make the piece of technology appealing to use
• It can be in our food
• It is in many of our medicines
• It can be really simple or very sophisticated
Science vs. Technology Venn Diagram






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