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Battle of Iwo Jima

Yaden, Alicia. Period 1

alicia yaden

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Iwo Jima By Alicia Yaden
Period 1 Key Facts
Operation Detachment of Battle of Iwo Jima
Located at Iwo Jima, Japan
Lasted from February 19, 1945-March 26, 1945
Importance of Location? Two airfields on the island under Japans control that could be used by Japanese bomber planes to attack American bombers

With gained control over island, U.S could use island as emergency landing base and bombing raids to help invade Japan's homeland

Military Strategy Japanese Strategy: Snipers
Hidden artillery and mortar positions
Network of Pillboxes and Bunkers
Kamakaze Pilots
Weapons! Japanese American Intersesting Facts!
Battle of Iwo Jima was the only U.S battle where the American casualities exceeded the Japanese
First American attack on Japanese homeland
Iwo Jima means "Sulfur Island"
Driving a vehicle at 75 mph, one could get from side of the island to the other in 3 min, 12 sec
American flag was raised at Mount Suribachi on day 4 of 36 days of battle

Who Won? Casualities VS. Machine Guns
General Kuribayashi, commander of defense of Iwo Jima
Focused his defenses from above at higher elevation, rather than down below on beaches
Hidden artillery and mortar positions all around island

4th and 5th marine divisions planned to enter southeastern beach
Objective to secure Mount Suribachi, southern air fields and the west coast
Reinforced with 3rd marine division would advance northeast

U.S Strategy: 25,861 U.S. casualities
Approx. 1 in 3 killed or wounded
Of these 6,000 were American boys 21,570 Japanese fatalities
216 captured during war and survived United States

Japanese Memorial on top of Mt. Suribachi United States Japanese began to run out of food, water and supplies
More and more U.S troops came ashore to join the fight\
Gained control of Mt. Suribachi
Flag raised over Mount Suribachi Map animation: www.historyanimated.com/Iwo.html
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