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Farmers in Ancient Egypt by Jasmine Thompsett

No description

Jaci Howard

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Farmers in Ancient Egypt by Jasmine Thompsett

Farmers in ancient Egypt
Farmers in Ancient Egypt
Fun Facts

The Flooding Seasons
Along the Nile River they had flooding seasons ,the first one was called Akhet where they have the river flood .It lasted through June to September .

The websites where I got my information
Farmer's Houses
What Farmers
Farmers grew wheat ,barley ,vegetables , figs ,melons,pomegranates, vines ,onions,leeks,cabbages,
beans ,cucumbers and lettuce .

Farmers grew along the Nile river for the soil that was near it .

The most important crop that farmers grew was grain, it was used for many things .
One of the main tools for watering plants for irrigation and crops was a shaduf .
The houses were made of mud bricks and packed dirt floors
Farmers cooked in small ovens fueled by burning dried cattle dung
Having the houses made of mud bricks kept the houses cool in the hot weather .
The farmers grew all of their crops along the Nile River where the farmers had yearly floods .
Then they harvested all of the crops in the harvesting season, called Shemu.
The next season was called the growing season or Peret .It lasted through October-February
Artisan fun facts
Artisans could be many things such as, carpenters, metal workers, jewelers, painters, sculptors, potters, stone carvers, and weavers.
An artisan would be some kind of craftsman or a person with a skilled trade that made things by hand.

The more higher artisans were the carvers that made things for temples and tombs.
Merchants are slightly higher ,and treated a
bit better than artisans.
The artisans were not as well treated or paid very well.
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