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all about me

No description

maura kinsella

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of all about me

All about me Maura Danielle Kinsella I have two sisters Kara and Maddie! The Kinsella Sisters MY BIRTHDAY IS MARCH 19TH THERES MY 10TH BIRTHDAY PARTY I LOVE DOGS AND KITTYS!!!! THATS ONE OF MY OLD DOGS , BUT IT DIED!:( HERES ONE OF MY KITTYS IT HAS 7 TOES! I LOVE PURPLE!!! ITS SUCH A PRETTY COLOR! I LOVE ELEPHANTS!:)<3 THERE TO CUTE!!! MY FAVORTIE FOOD IS ICECREAM ITS SO TASTY! The end Thanks for watching class:) My favorite season is Christmas! I love them lots!<3 I ALSO LOVE PRESENTS! MY FAVORITE ICECREAM IS CHOCLATE! I love to hunt! turkeys! coyotes! phesants! Deer! here are some pictures of when we were hunting!!! DEER!!!! COYOTES! PHESANTS! I love sports! volleyball! softball!! Soocer!! softball
soccer! We love to go skiing! Its so fun! Heres a picture of Kara and I after we got done skiing! HERES A PICTURE OF MY HOUSE! HERES A PICTURE OF SOME OF MY DADS MAYKIN FARMS EQUIPMENT HERES OUR 4-WHEELER! WE LOVE TO RIDE IT! MY FAVORITE PRINT IS ZEBRA my family loves case IH:} The end thanks for watching.... I like aeropostale. I like Justice. Here's a picture of my teacher Mrs.Cline
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