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Lamoiyan Corporation

No description

Janica Marquez

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Lamoiyan Corporation

Lamoiyan Corporation

The Entrepreneur
Types of Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart”)
Kutitap (Sparkle)
A devout Christian, he’s very serious in giving opportunities to people with disability. Lamoiyan gives opportunities for the hearing impaired by employing them, as of now there are over 30 deaf-mute staff in his company, not only that, he also provides them with free housing. Sign language is the only means of communication between the hearing-impaired and hearing personnel, so he has also required his managers to learn it.

How it began?
In 1978, Cecilio Kwok Pedro owned a factory that supplied aluminum toothpaste tubes for companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Procter & Gamble and Unilever. In early 1986 however, Pedro and the factory got in a hole when the toothpaste companies decided to switch from aluminum to plastic tubes. There was no other option than close the company and send his workers home.
Colgate (Competition)
Fun Facts
The End
Cecilio K. Pedro
Pedro, became one of the first Filipinos who became successful in the exporting industry. His Chinese surname, Kwok means "to give" is truly an exact description of this man. He started doing business at an early age, compared to other boys his age, Pedro tried and jumped into buying and selling ball pens in grade school even if the results were not good. A Chinese-Filipino descent, he graduated from Ateneo de Manila University and earned a degree in Business Management. He also received the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Technological Management from Technological University of the Philippines.

Mr. Cecilio K. Pedro serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Lamoiyan Corp. Mr. Pedro serves as Director of the DBS Bank. He served as Independent Director of First Abacus Financial Holdings Corp. since 1995. Mr. Pedro holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Engineering from the Ateneo de Manila University.
Hapee Toothpaste
The Story
In 1977, the company, Aluminum Container’s Inc. was established. It was the biggest supplier of aluminum toothpaste tubes of the two major companies, Colgate-Palmolive and Philippine Refining Company. This company was in the business for eight years. His first company, Aluminum Container Inc., sold aluminum toothpaste tubes to these foreign firms from 1978 to 1985. However, an unexpected experience happened in 1985, these companies which he had been supplying aluminum tubes for about 8 years switched into using plastic laminated tubes. So, not for long, Pedro had to close his factory.

The Story
From the Aluminum Company and the rest of his equipment, he initially thought of using these tubes for epoxy but the market was too small. Since he has been a supplier of tubes for toothpaste, he was forced to create his own brand. Pedro decided to try venturing into toothpaste making by getting some help from a Japanese company. He tied up with a Japanese company and started the said project for $20,000. And so the birth of Hapee toothpaste.

The Story
By 1996, Pedro said Hapee wrestled more than 15% of the market.Pedro noted that they are unique because they were able to create tooth paste with different fruity flavors suited for kids such as strawberry, grape, pineapple and mango. He also ventured into products like Dazz dishwashing paste and liquids, Tenderly fabric enhancer, Fash detergent, Fresher feminine wash and Gumtech, a special gum-formula toothpaste.

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
He is married with one son, Joel, who is now also part of the said company. His son is a marketing graduate from De La Salle University. A Christian since birth, his values extends to people whom he helped fulfill their dreams. He chairs this foundation and established schools in Laguna, Nueva Ecija and Palawan and 13 community centers all over the country. He also supports an NGO – Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran which helps produce a television show for children.
Cecilio K. Pedro
Cecilio Kwok Pedro is an entrepreneur who made it to the top after his failure back in 1985. His principle is much grounded and to quote this man of humility, he once said, "We are competing against the giants. Without faith and without the intervention of the divine, it is really difficult to survive in this industry." The founder of Hapee toothpaste in the Philippines, making his company, Lamoiyan Corp., the country’s first homegrown toothpaste name.
In 1987 he opened the Lamoiyan Corporation. The name “Lamoiyan” is the Cantonese name of Pedro’s paternal grandmother. She was the first Christian in their family and was a big influence to their clan. It was through her where he drew his values and principles applied in both one’s self and in business.
Now, Hapee toothpaste is being exported to the Middle East, Papua New Guinea, Russia , Vietnam , and Hong Kong. He is also planning to sell more of his products in China and Southeast Asia. He is hoping to make a name in China because 1.35 billion people are brushing their teeth. Also part of his future plan is to be able to export and to ship products to India, the second most populated country in the world, is also seriously being considered.
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart)
He is somewhat Existential Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)
Intra-personal Intelligence (Self Smart”)
Hearing all his accomplishments, he really applies his company’s motto to himself and to his people, Lamoiyan's corporate motto is "To make a difference for the glory of GOD". This is really a phenomenon both to Pedro and his company
Lamoiyan's employment program includes free housing for more than 30 deaf-mute staff, while the company’s managers are required to learn sign-language as a means of communicating with the hearing-impaired staff. Since the founding of the Lamoiyan Corporation, about 180 deaf-mute students have received a free college education through D.E.A.F. which stands for Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation, founded and chaired by Cecilio K. Pedro and officially recognized by the Philippine government’s Department of Education and Culture.

Cecilio K. Pedro was awarded with an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Technological Management by the Technological University of the Philippines in recognition of his corporate and social achievements. Dr. Pedro ingrained his own belief through the company’s corporate motto: ”Making the difference for the Glory of God”.
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