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Anas Christian Beliefs

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mustafa El Ghandour

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Anas Christian Beliefs

• People believed in Dark Ages that to gain salvation from hell they should receive the seven sacraments that will be a special blessing from god. That’s why sacraments were considered very important occasions in a Catholic person’s life.
• The Seven Sacraments are as follows:
• Baptism: Priest pours water over the head of a person to clean him from sins.
• Confirmation: a catholic person declares to the bishop that he believes in god and church.
• Eucharist/Holy Communion: the priest blesses bread and wine in Sunday gatherings in remembrance of the sufferings of Jesus to clear humanity's sins.
• Matrimony: THE Priest declares the marriage of a husband and wife till they die and they sign their names in a registry. Divorce was banned in the church.
• Holy Orders: the ceremony in which a man becomes a priest by the bishop.
• Penance: People confess their sins to the priest to be forgiven by god.
• Extreme Unction: the priest blesses a sick person by oil so that separation of soul from body will be without suffering.

Core Christian Beliefs
Catholic Version of Trinity
• The Trinity is a term used as the central doctrine of Christianity.
• It defines god as three persons, the father, the son and the Holy Spirit .They are three persons but still the three of them makes one god which means one god in three persons related to each other. The father who created the son and the son who is created and the Holy Spirit that proceeds.
• The three of them are equal and of equal importance as things are from the god father and go through the son and in the Holy Spirit.

Crucifixion of Jesus
• It happened during the 1st century AD between years 30 and 33.
• It says that Jesus who is believed to be the son of god was arrested by Pontius Pilate and was scourged and crucified.
• People who passed by him used to insult him saying that if he were the son of god he should be able to save himself.
• He was left like this until he died. It was said that at this moment the curtains of the temple was torn into two ,the earth shook, the rocks split and the tombs broke open and holy people who had died came to life.
• When people who were guarding him saw what happened they were so afraid and they believed that he was the son of god.
• Salvation means being to be saved or protected from harm. In Christianity it is saving the souls from sins. It can be done by free will or by personal efforts.
• Atonement means being is harmony with someone. It describes what god did to reconcile his work and also what a person might do to be reconciling to god.
• It is believed that through the death of Jesus, all the sins of humanity have been forgiven. He did this to lead the humanity toward moral change. It was the plan of salvation form god to save all humanity.
Infallibility of the Pope
An infallible person is a person that is always right and never does anything wrong, and the Pope was considered infallible, because he was the Vicar of Christ. Meaning that he continued what Jesus started and Jesus was considered God. So of course the person who will take God’s role won’t do anything wrong.
Concept of the Original Sin
Long ago, when God created Adam and Eve they were allowed to eat from any tree in heaven except for one, which is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve committed the first sin and ate from the tree. god punished them by death. They have cursed all the human race with that original sin.
Concept of Priesthood
They were believed to be linked to God so they can erase sins. So the Catholics go to the priests and tell them what they do so the sins are erased.
Miraculous Birth of Jesus
• It refers to the miracle of the birth of Jesus, as Jesus was created in Mary’s womb by a miracle from God without a human father. He was born while his mother was still a virgin.
• His mother Mary was going to marry a man called Joseph, but before marrying him, she was found with her child.
• It is believed as it fulfilled what the prophet had said about the virgin who will give birth to a son, and will be called Immanuel which means "God with us”.
Nicene Creed
• It is called Nicene because it was first adopted in the city of Nicaea.
• Creed comes from the word credo which means “I believe” while in the Orthodox church it is called the Symbol of Faith.
• It appeared when there was conflict about doctrine as there were many different forms of creeds everywhere.
• The main purpose was to provide correct belief after there was a great controversy in the whole Christian world about the nature of the Son of God.
• At this point it was drawn up and it was accepted by the Orthodox Church as the proper Symbol of Faith.
• It stated there is one God. He is the Father Almighty and the Maker of heaven, earth and all things in the world and stated also there is one Jesus who is the son of God.
• It was important to distinguish the believers and deniers of a specific doctrine.

Resurrection of Jesus
After the crucifixion of Jesus and after he was buried some people said that they saw him alive and no human being can get back to life after he was dead except if he was God so from this point they believed that Jesus is God, but in the form of a human being.
The Seven Sacraments
Nicene Creed and Trinity:
The reason the Nicene Creed was done, was to agree on who was Jesus? Some people said he was just a normal human, and he’s a prophet -like Aries of Alexandria -, and others said he was God. Constantine got all of these people at the city of Nicaea to agree on “who was Jesus?” After that council, there was an agreement on Trinity, which is that Jesus was a form of God, and there are 2 other forms of God, the Holy Spirit, and God himself. That was against what Aries of Alexandria thought but in the end, the Trinity became the Catholic belief.

Original Sin and Crusifixion of Jesus
It’s said by the Catholics that Jesus sacrificed himself to erase the people’s sins. The first sin ever, which is the original sin was said to be the reason why Jesus was crucified. All sins of humans were forgiven after the suffer of Jesus to do so.

Catholic Trinity and Resurrection of Christ:
People said they saw Jesus after he was buried. Nobody could revive from death except if he’s a God, and from here Trinity started to be the belief. After Jesus revived, that what proves that he’s one of the forms of God, one of the three forms.

Catholic Trinity and Infallibility of the Pope:
Another name for the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. Meaning that he continues the message that Jesus started. So he is in the role of Jesus, because Jesus isn’t hear. Jesus was considered God so by making the Pope take the role of Jesus which was God, of course he is considered infallible. Catholics follow the Pope in everything, because he’s considered never does anything wrong (he’s in God’s role).

Resurrection of Jesus and Nicene Creed:
People said they saw Jesus after he was buried. Nobody could revive from death except if he’s a God, and from here Trinity started to be the new belief of the people who saw God. They started believing that he’s a form of God, but there were others who didn’t see Jesus who disagree with them. So the Nicene Creed was done to agree on the main belief.

Priesthood and Atonement:
The priest is considered a person who can erase sins. So when this concept approached salvation could and the sins that’s done by Catholics could be erased like the sins of the people that was erased by the crucifixion of Jesus. So Jesus erased the original sin from everybody and the sins people do could be erased by a priest. That means all sins could be erased.

Seven Sacraments (Baptism) and Atonement/Salvation:
When a person starts following Christianity a priest removes the original sin from his blood using a method, and this process is called Baptism and it’s one of the Seven Sacraments. That supports the idea of salvation and atonement. That proves that all the sins of a person could be erased including the original sin by Baptism.

The Crucifixion of Jesus and Salvation/Atonement:
The crucifixion of Jesus took off the original sin out of the souls of all Christians. Sins that are done by a person could be removed by the priest, but a priest couldn’t remove the original sin. So after the original sin was removed by the crucifixion of Jesus, all sins of a person could be removed which is the concept of salvation.

The Seven Sacraments (Baptism) to the Concept of Priesthood:
When a person starts following Christianity, a priest removes the original sin from his blood using a method done by priests. That proves the concept of Priesthood, and that priests have power to erase sins.
Miraculous Birth of Jesus to the Catholic version of Trinity:
Jesus was born with a miracle, his mother was a mother, and not a man in the world touched her. Also he spoke after he was born, when he was a baby when people were disagreeing on her being a virgin. I think that miracle later on made the Catholics believe in the Trinity and that a normal human won’t do that stuff.

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