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Genrefying in Public Libraries

Presentation for public library seminar course with Laina.

Melissa Troyer

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Genrefying in Public Libraries

Genrefying in public libraries think pair share You've walked into a library and you want a book, but you don't know what book you want. How do you go about finding a book to borrow/read? What steps do you take? Forget that you are a librarian for a minute: try to think only as a user. What is genrefying? organization of fiction texts
by genre a way of creating an access point to the collection for the user I'm in the mood for a science fiction book... Each pair will get one book. Individually, try to decide in what genre you would place it. No talking or internet! Think like a librarian! helps readers find what they want keeps series shelved together cross-genre titles cross-genre authors genres share basic appeal characteristics shelving problems training staff training patrons genre stigma pigeonholing within genre Does genrefying promote genre stigma? Could genre stigma keep readers away from certain shelves? Out of fear of judgement? Out of arrogance? cataloging shelving searching multiple shelves old habits die hard shelving space book dummies multiple copies time consuming preparation execution evaluation measuring shelf space deciding genre labels justifying expense of time and money evaluating public opinion organizing shelf layout purchase labels and/or signage reshelve books recruit volunteers, block off time publicize genrefication training staff on cataloging and shelving training patrons to find books evaluating public opinion use circulation and readers' advisory statistics creates smaller "collections" that are less intimidating signage gives patrons vocabulary to think about reading genres encourage patron reflection and engagement genre does not dictate appeal factors readers' advisory librarians must help readers make connections across genres publicize readers' advisory to patrons gives browsing patrons a starting point saves time for the genre-oriented patron passive readers' advisory boosts patron independence mimics business world searching the catalog is unneccessary Bibliography Trott, B., & Novak, V. (2006). A House Divided? Two Views on Genre Separation. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 46(2), 33-38. Ralph, P., & Larue, J. (2005). Christian Fiction Labels: Help or Hindrance? American Libraries, 36(11) pp. 50-51 <http://www.jstor.org/stable/25649801> Solutions and Alternatives How do we handle cross-genre issues? Sub-genre issues? Splitting authors? How can we accomplish these goals in other ways? read-alike lists Where will we put them? What kinds of lists? genre displays Where will they be? How long will they last? spine labels Which genres to choose? Cross-genre books? cross-genre
displays dummies train patrons Teach patrons how
to use the catalog. Encourage exploration. Shelve dummies in alternate genre locations. So...what about
ebooks, movies,
and music? What
about graphic
novels? dumbing down the library? McCoppin, R. (2011, February 18). Who’s Killing the Dewey Decimal System? Chicago Tribune. <http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2011-02-18/news/ct-met-drop-dewey-20110218_1_dewey-decimal-system-main-library-newer-books> ...and many more. Please email for full list. Pair up to discuss and compare your decisions. (Still no internet!)
How did you decide?
What did you look for?
Does this book need subgenres?
Could this book be more than one genre? Now, check the internet. Where do sites like Amazon, GoodReads, and others place the book? Where do libraries place the book? browsing vs. research genrefying vs. interfiling genre-directed vs. author-directed
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