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U.E.I college

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on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of U.E.I college

What is this college known for
Well U.E.I college is known for to become a nurse or doctor i know that this college is not like a regular college its like a technical college were you dont get a degree but you get a certifications.
So like you seen the title of the text im going to be talking about number 2,3,4 so number 2,3,4,i cant do anything because U.E.I college does not have a mascot it does not have a tuition and 1 more thing it does not have rooms in the college its just you go and you come back home so their no bed in the college school.
Percent of men and women/famous people that attended there
how far is U.E.I college from CRMA#4???
In the map it shows that U.E.I college is 30 min away from our school (CRMA#4)
Majors: The major is the certificates
Sports: Well there no sports there is just like a school/college where you just go and come back to your home the same day so there no sports.
Address & phone number & when was it found
Address:Huntingon Park in the city of Los Angles
phone number:(1-88)-344-0286

Well this college was found in the year of 1975 the real name of this college is United Education Institute which mean U.E.I just a shorter way to say it.
What types of clubs are there?
There many clubs there im not gonna name all of them to many to name but there like 20 or 14 of them im just gonna name about 5 of them there is 1.medical 2.dental assistant 3.criminal justice 4.emerganay medical 5.parmacy techicain.
U.E.I college
Well i cant say how many they are because on the web site it doesnt tell you. I believe that there has not been any famouse people that attended.
Important facts
I believe that there is many facts about UEI such as when it was found the year it was built stuff like that.
Is this college gonna be a perfect fit for me?
I think that this college is a GOOD fit for me because i always wanted to go to U.E.I. college since my sister went there i wanted to go because i wanted to be just like her.
Idea of what this school is going to help me in life
I believe that this college will help me in life,because like i want to be a Doctor or a Nurse, and U.E.I college is helping you to become a doctor or a nurse which ever you wanna be so this college is going to help me in life.
How long would it take me to get your degree?
It will take me about 8 to 9 months to get a degree at U.E.I college.
By:Destiny Torres
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