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No description

Kate C

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Transformation

Potential pitch formats
Create a microsite for employees to submit ideas
Consider polling to narrow the field
Reinforce that Alcoa is transforming by launching new innovative ways to share messages
Engage employees in Alcoa's transformation
Potential challenge
delivery methods
Email alerts
MyAlcoa intranet/portal
Team meetings
Electronic & basic bulletin boards
Mobile texting campaign
Reach employees through:
Idea entry
30-second low production video
Photos with captions
Venue options
Firth Rixson Savannah, GA site
Event details
Finalists will present their idea to a panel of Alcoa executives
Live event to be videocasted company-wide
Winning idea(s) to be put into production professionally
Millennials -- Alcoans early in their careers -- to build on their energy and new ideas
Welcoming ideas from all Alcoans
Targeting millennials
Challenge millennial employees to identify new ways to tell Alcoa's transformation story using various online channels and communication tools
Have finalists pitch their ideas to a panel of Alcoa executive judges at a live event and/or videocast
Modeled off the ABC TV show
Alcoa Fast Pitch
The Multi-Millennial Solution
Millennial Match-up
The Millennial Challenge
Challenge name?
Alcoa is becoming a lightweight, multi-material innovation powerhouse serving customers in fast growing markets, while also strengthening the competitiveness of our aluminum business.
The Challenge
How do we show the world the new Alcoa?
Potential pitch formats
Text: 250 words that describe the idea and how to show the transformation
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