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Six Traits of Running

No description

mary graham

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Six Traits of Running

The Six Traits Of Running Ideas Ideas are planning what point of the race when
you are going to pick up your pace or when you
are going to take it easy. Organization Making shure that you have fluids,bars, or fruits to
eat after the race (or run). Having all of your gear with you. You also have to make shure that you eat a good brekfast! Voice You running style or things that you always
do in the begining, middle or end of a race/run.
In other words something that is unique,
something that is diffrent to everybody
else's way of doing it. Word Choice The length of your stride, which stride you
want to use.You may want to keep it the same
throughout the race/run or shorten or lenthen
it when you are on a flat mabie when going up
a hill. Fluency Keeping a constant pace throughout
the race or run, not sprinting then
suddenly walking. Conventions You correcting yourself on a bad habbit or form. For example you always sprint at the start and walk twards the end of the run, so you correct yourself buy not sprinting at the start. Presentation A race, fun run, or a run you time yourself.
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