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Applying to the University of Oklahoma

No description

Beki Miller

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Applying to the University of Oklahoma

2013 NAP Site Director Conference
University Outreach
Registration & Records

Important Banner Screens
GOAINTL - Nation and Birth Nation of Citizen
Incoming transcripts should be sent to:
Outreach R&R
1700 Asp Ave. Rm B-1
Norman, OK 73072
CEO 110 Report
Report is generated weekly by R&R and distributed to all site directors via AP Home Office
Applying to OU
CEO 110 Report
Registration Process
SAAADMS - Provisional status, the application status should be an "I", opposed to the default
SPAIDEN - Address for both permanent and mailing
Important Banner Screens
Contact Sheet w/ Alpha Split
Up Next: CollegeNET/Admit
Only the degree granting transcript is required, unless student will be using VA benefits - then all transcripts are required.
All transcripts must be official and complete degree granting transcripts
If student completed bachelor's and master's, both transcripts are required.
Note - some institutions are using electronic transcripts
Captures all AP Students who are provisional and various admitted statuses
Students are programmed to fall off report after 145 days in provisional status
Site directors requesting notification of new students can use this report
Registration Process
Students must have access to Ozone before they may register for courses.
If a student has complications with the registration process, site director/coordinator are available to assist. R&R will serve as backup
Requesting Transcripts
Ms. Joy Houston (jphouston@ou.edu)
p. 405.325.1022 - Staff Assistant
VA Certifying Officials
Ms. Gail Maucere (gmaucere@ou.edu)
p. 405.325.1316 (Serving last names A-L)
Admissions Specialists
Applications/Registrations/Schedules/Transcript Receipt/Misc.
Mr. Ross Mehl (rmehl@ou.edu) p. 405.325.1233 Staff Assistant (Serving last names A-F)
Contact Information
Beki Miller (bekimiller@ou.edu) p. 405-325-1232
Assistant Director of Registration & Records

R. William Jacobs II (willj@ou.edu) p. 405-325-1230
Registrar/Director of Registration & Records

All general inquires should be directed to cceregistration@ou.edu

All VA inquiries should be directed to va@ou.edu

Ms. Nancy Morrow (ncmorrow@ou.edu) p. 405.325.6394 Staff Assistant (Serving last names G-O)
Ms. Cammie Soriano (cammiesoriano@ou.edu) p. 405.325.1229 Staff Assistant (Serving last names P-Z)
Admissions Decisions/Grad Referrals/Transfer Credit
Ms. Hait-Shan Yeahpau (hyeahpau@ou.edu)
p. 405.325.2240 (Serving last names A-L)
Ms. Julia Charpentier (jcharpentier@ou.edu)
p. 405.325.1005 (Serving last names M-Z)
Mr. Stephen Rudnick (srudnick@ou.edu)
p. 405.325.1234 (Serving last names M-Z)
VA Certifying (Chapters 30, 31, 33, 1606, 1607
Ms. Teresa Bennett (tbennett@ou.edu) p. 405.325.1236 - Staff Assistant
Mr. Ross Mehl (rmehl@ou.edu) p. 405.325.1233 - Receives and loads all transcripts
Next up: CollegeNET
Major Changes to Application Process
New provisional process begins Summer 2014
Students only allowed 3 credit hours for 30 days.
Extension of the new provisional will be approved by the graduate college
Students will eventually be able to upload unofficial transcripts into the system
Paper applications have more room for error
Electronic applications decrease errors, have faster processing time, and less paper waste
All students must have a program of study listed on their application, in the case of dual, please list both
Students must list all schools they attended, however only the degree granting transcript(s) are required
Full transcript