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Instructional Coach Survey 2013

No description

Karen Miller

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Instructional Coach Survey 2013

Instructional Coach
Survey 2013 "Coaches are a part of our culture. They are a needed support for our teachers."
Dr. Stevenson 9 or 11 people
in the coach survey What does this all mean?
* The role of the coach is understood.
*The work of the coach is supportive and professional.
*Some or all feel that we have clear improvement goals for the school and have been given the time for professional development during the school day.
*Teachers have areas they would like to improve in however, less than half have communicated that information to the coach. *Of those that have worked with the coach they have observed, co-taught and co-planned lessons.
*Of those that have NOT worked with the coach they feel that it is hard to find time , the coach availability is limited,or they have no instructional concerns.
* Of those that did work with the coach 8 of the 11 that responded there was an increase in the students' learning.
The district is asking coaches to co-plan, co-teach lessons through the structure of coaching cycles Teachers will become more accountable for instruction through SBS 191. NEXT STEPS
On the teachers rubric identify 2 or 3 areas on which you would like to show improvement. Next year , coaching cycles will be based on these trends.
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