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Red Lion Brewery

No description

Koby Cox

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Red Lion Brewery

This is the Red Lion Brewery's symbol
The Red Lion Brewery was built in 1718 in Lambeth, by a man named sir John Shorter, and later a man named Charles Bascom announced to the public that the Red lion Brewery was going to have the finest wines, beers, and champagnes, and will be open for tour. This gave the brewery its initial jump start.
Significance of the lion
The Red Lion Brewery is located in Lambeth, London, merely two blocks way form where Dr. William Chester Minor killed the current owner of the brewery George Merrett
Connection to TP&TM
By: Koby Cox
Red Lion Brewery
Work Sited


The Red Lion statue was originally on top of the brewery and was made of bronze so when the sun shone on it, it would give the impression it was red. It was made to symbolize the brewery, fierce, strong, unforgettable.

Where Is It Now? The original lion was demolished and moved, but for some reason it wasn't made out of copper the second time, it was made out of stone.
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