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Prometheus- God of Fire

No description

Randall Albino

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Prometheus- God of Fire

Pissed off Zeus for the consequence of no fire for man.
Stole fire from Zeus and got captured and had his liver eaten by Zeus' pet eagle
Prometheus had to get rescued by good ol' Hercules
Here's a picture of Zeus,
a portrait of Hercules
and a picture of how
much it suck to be Prometheus.

Prometheus and his good friend Epimethius was making gifts for nature to help them survive and then he completely forgot the humans and then proceeded to trick Zeus for no reason by giving him a fake sacrifice. Being the merciful god that he is, he prohibited the use of fire for mortals and had Prometheus chained and had his liver eaten by his pet eagle and to have Hercules save him.
Connection to our World
Don't steal because you'll get a penalty for it.
Randall Albino- Did the cool stuff

Marc Anthony Trigeros- Slammed on the keyboard for words
Moral of the Story
Don't steal because that's stupid and get your priorities straight because he still forgot to give cool stuff to the humans.
Prometheus - God of Fire

* Zeus
* Prometheus
* Epimetheus
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