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The Body in the Woods

No description

Abigail Allen

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of The Body in the Woods

I would recommend this book to any one who enjoys mysteries. This book keep me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what problem happens next. It really made me wonder if Nick, Alexis, and ruby were going to be he ones who were going to figure out who the killer was or was it going to be the detectives. I enjoyed how descriptive April was when it came from the woods to what each of the friends houses look like.
My favorite paragraph
"As the cord slipped around her neck, Ruby raised her left hand. She managed to hook two fingers between it and her neck just before it tightened across the front of her throat. The cord dug into her skin, pressing against her windpipe, squeezing her arteries and veins. far from helping, her own knuckles were being forced against her throat, only increasing the pressure. she was making sounds she had never heard anyone make before, barking coughs and desperate gurgles. the sound scared her as much as anything. they sounded like they were coming from someone who was dying." (page 199)
Nick, Ruby, and Alexis searching for evidence.
The theme of the book is defiantly courage. This is because Nick knew he has to stop the runner and the bird watcher, Becker, from killing Mallory and Ruby. He went up to both of these men without hesitation even thought they he much big and could easily hurt him badly. When he went up to the runner he stalled him so the police and Detective Harriman could arrive and take over with Mallory alive. That was only the first time courage was shown. It was also should even more went Nick approached Becker. Nick can up to him with nothing while Becker had a knife in his hand, maybe a gun hidden, and already hurt Ruby by strangling her with binoculars. He fought Becker trying to protect any one he could for being killed. That is why courage is the most important theme of this book.
About the book
The book The Body in the Woods by April Henry is about three best friends, Alexis Frost, Nick Walker, and Ruby McClure, doing whatever it takes to solve the mystery of who murdered innocent girls. They are not alone in this mission of theirs. They are part of the Portland Search and Rescue or SAR. This is a group of trained volunteers that go out daily trying to find lost people. One day Nick, Ruby, and Alexis were called out for the first time. They had to help find a man with autism in the woods. Even thought there were sent to an area where they know he was not going to be they were still excited. When they were looking, they found a dead white girl hidden by the brush. That night all three of them wanted to find and clues that will help them find out who killed the girl. As they were trying to figure out who killed her two other girls died, one black and one Asian American. After this happen if made Ruby remember what she heard about serial killers and that is that they always has a pattern on who they kill. This encouraged Ruby to figure out the pattern quickly so another person is not found dead. But this is not going to be easy for the friends to figure out with all the problems that occur.
Courage is shown all around
Alexis was another character that showed courage while bad events were happening all around. Even though there was a serial killer somewhere she still went around trying to find her mother. She asked many people that could have hurt her, but what was more important was that she find her mother.
The Body in the Woods
By April Henry

This presentation is created by Abigail Allen
SAR gear when called out.
Ruby also showed courage. She was stilling doing whatever it took to find out who the serial killer was. She went against what her parents told her. She had the courage to stand up to them even though they were already thinking of dropping her out of SAR, which is now the most important thing that has happen to her.
This is my favorite paragraph because it tells the reader what happen to the other girls as well as Ruby. It also tells us how Ruby was not going to let Becker just kill her. She was going to put on a fight to survive. This paragraph also says that Ruby was not just someone who can find out information. She is also someone that is brave and never gives up.
This area marks where the first body was found.
The footprint found next to the first body and the same one Ruby saw when she was with Becker.
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