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Karla Luna

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Portfolio

Karla A. Luna Esquivel
Contact Information
• Phone: 044 442 402 8482.
• Cellphone: 044 442 4117827
• E-mail: a01203638@itesm.com

Academic Background
• High School: Instituto Queretano San Javier. (2007-2010)

• University: Architecture. ITESM Campus Querétaro. (In process)
Professional Experience
Place: Molecul Arq. Designing and Construction.
• Time: 1month (April 2013)
• Function: Draftsmen. (Autocad)
• January-May semester 2011: Staff and part of the organization of the Urban Design Congress 2011, organized by Urban Laboratory (CINUM) Querétaro.
• January-May semester 2011: Participation in the analysis of community committees in San Pablo's neighborhoods (in Querétaro), for evaluation and possible improvement.
• 2011-2013: Sizar in urban research at the Urban Laboratory (CINUM) Querétaro.

Computer Skills
• Archicad, Autocad, Google Sketchup, Artlantis, OPUS, Photoshop

Handcraft and Drawing
Digital Modeling (Archicad, Artlantis & Photoshop)
House Design
Green House
Cafe Dohai

Eco-Park Design
Sustainable Solar Laboratory Design
Sustainable Solar Laboratory Design
Project of Department Units in Downtown
Eco-Park Design
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