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Personal Finance

No description

David Wybou

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Personal Finance

Personal Finance
Cash is Always King!
Personal finance is like Monopoly, you need to make money, and having a strategy usually works best
There are a lot of choices and competition for your money...
so Where to begin?
You need to make smart decisions, based on more than the roll of dice to make the most of what you have
First you need to make some money.
Remember to pay yourself first!
As if!
At some point you will need or want to buy a car.
Used or new?
And what about financing?
And you will be invited to apply for a credit card.
Again & Again!
Which bank should you choose?
What kind of account?
What Type of Investments should I have?
How much
should I invest?
If you decide to start your own business, you have to follow this process again, and with additional Complexities.
Key Points:
Budget & Plan,
Look into things,
Take responsibility,
Look after yourself
When it is for a business,
many things generally cost more.
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