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There is A Solitude of Space

No description

Makayla Harris

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of There is A Solitude of Space

There is a solitude of space
A solitude of sea
A solitude of death, but these
Society shall be
Compared with that profounder site
That polar privacy
A soul admitted to itself -
Finite, infinity. There is a Solitude of Space
Poem by: Emily Dickinson. -There is a solitude of space -The solitude of death The loneliness of dying alone, meaning that you are "isolated" from the living in your grave. ...but these
Society shall be
Compared with that profounder site There is space to be alone, you can become lonely/ uninhabited. You could start to get lost in the crowd. -Solitude of sea In the sea of people, you tend to not stand out and begin to be isolated; lonely within yourself. The society should be compared to a site that's great & mighty. That polar privacy Realizing that even though you are with people, on the inside you still feel alone. The soul finally realizing its solitude within yourself , seeing the loneliness inside that was always ignored because of the fear of being alone A soul admitted to itself. The space of our profound soul Finite, infinity In this poem we found repetition
of words, imagery, metaphor, and rhyme scheme.
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