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Social Media in Public Relations

PR학개론 5조 발표

Ghun Shim

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media in Public Relations

Group 5
20071841 Ghunhee Shim
20090067 Haesu Park
20100297 Woojin Jung
20101198 Taegu Yoon
20110386 Areum Song Social Media in Public Relations KIA Motors Social Media Contents Social Network Services - Since 2009
- Flight
service Homepage 1. Introduction of Companies and
their use of Social Media
KIA Motors
Korean Air
Hyundai Card
Samsung Cheil Industries
YG Entertainment

2. Comparison of Social Media
between Companies

3. Conclusion Fun KIA(Blog) Global Work Camp Korean Air History - 1962 : Founded by the South Korean government as
a replacement of Korean National Airlines
- 1969 : Hanjin Transport Group took control of it
- 1972 : Started passenger services to Los Angeles
International Airport (LAX)
- 1984 : Changed name to ‘Korean Air’ from ‘Korean
Air Lines’ and newly- designed Taeguk logo
started to be used
- 1990 : CRS(Computer Reservation System)
- 2007 : Foundation of Jin Air
- Key word of 2012 : Interaction Background Information - 20,857 Employees in total
- 147 fleet
- Routes : Domestic 13 cities
International 39 countries 106 cities Social Media Teatime Hyundai Card Basic Information - Foundation year 1995
- Selling various kinds of credit cards and
cultural contents Social Media 1. Hyundai Card homepage

2. Blog Samsung Cheil Industries Background Information Background Information Social Media - It has a various contents and arranges
very well so people can use easily.
- People can get company information.
- It talks about Jeil's value harmony.
- It alerts events to attract voluntary
participation from users.
- There are many articles about life
trend, which users can be interested. YG Entertainment Background Information - Yang Hyunseok who was a member of one of the first
idol groups Seotaiji and Kids? established YG
- Production albums, management of actors
- One of the 3 largest entertainments in Korea
- They are famous for R&B Music.
- Celebrities in YG entertainment : PSY, BigBang, 2NE1,
Epik high, Koo Haesun, Kang Haejung, Yoo In-na
- YG tries to be a company sharing YG's unique musics
and works with public, contributing their efforts to the
society. - It updated the news of new activities or stories of
actors, and signers as soon as possible.
- Writing about singers' new songs, and advertising
actors activities.
- Information-oriented writing about activities rather than
raising the participation of public
- Actually, there is not active feedback in facebook.
- Facebook is just for the people who clicked the like button. Comparison of Social Media between Companies Good Points Comparison of Social Media
between Companies Comparison of Social Media
between Companies Mission & Vision Vision : To be a Respected Leader in the World
Airline Community

Mission : Excellence in Flight
Operational Excellence
Service Excellence
Innovative Excellence - 5.29 Teatime with the Kenyan embassador
- 7.26 Teatime celebrating 40th anniversary
of operating American route
- 9.26 Teatime with women experts Daily Cafe with SNS friends - Since February 2011
- Gather volunteers through SNS and raise
funds for charity Africa Quiz Show
(2012.6.11 ~ 2012.8.5) - To promote their new route to Kenya
- Effective use of Youtube & KakaoTalk - Since January, 2010
- Following : 11,071
- Follower : 82362 - 51,295 friends - 2500 subscribers
- Video Newsletter Social Network Services - News updates and notices, sometimes some jokes for people to
see on their updates.
- Information on events and for the users to participate.
- Fans or customers can post anything they want to
- KIA will leave comments and other users are also free to comment on
- KIA motors has a Korean page, worldwide page, and pages for the
countries where their company is currently in
- There are pages also for their certain products.
(relevant for users to get into pages that they are interested in.)
- KIA motors has a separate American public relations page where PR
in America are shown. Social Network Services - about 51000 like the page,
- about 5000 people talking in the page
- five times a day on average
- mainly about events and activities
- advertising concert they are going to hold.
- Hyundai card advertisement.
- Video of Concert and event
- Special video : before the concert, concert moment,
after concert
- try continuous interaction with public
- characteristic : continuous interaction, three step posting Social Network Services - They communicate with users under
slogan 'jeil'
- Jeil Design : Introduce a creative design
- Jeil Trend : Introduce a life trend
- Jeil TokTok : Information about their
target audiences' interest and clothes
- Jeil Morning : Say hello to users
- Jeil Seminar : Seminar Information
- Jeil Style : Information about style - Jeil has a integrated social network system.
So users can remember easily and Jeil can
disseminate it's information very effectively.
- One of it's tools is quick bar.
Users can surf jeil's various media with just a
click by using this quick bar. - Twitter send information much faster. Frequency of twitter is
higher than facebook.
- It actively uses RT which is the most crucial characteristic in
- By RT YGsingers‘ twitt, all activities of actors and singers from
YG can be shown to follower at a glance.
- Twitter is the place where feedback among fans is interactively
held, because it shows all photos of celebrities' daily lives and
- Facebook and Twitter are used to inform public of specific
information aobut YG's big events or news. - The place where new music video is firstly updated.
- It allows fans to see all activities of celebrities of YG, by
uploading cilps.
- It had the video that YG made and the vides can be seen
just on through youtube.
- Youtube made separate channel according to signers and
actors, so fans can easily see each video.
- YG gives information to both local and foreign fans by
using social media.
- Also, YG obtained high level of promotion effect with low
cost by actively doing feedback with fans. - Strategic business : strategy is the vision
- Speed business : Speed is the only variable resulting success
or failure
- Innovative business : Innovation is the only one reason of
company existence and success
- Changing business : Strategy, organization, and goal should
be continuously changed. Business Value - 6 categories in blog : superseries,
advertisement, design, organization
culture, financial engineering,
contributing to society
- composition : news of each blog, popular
news, sns
- depends of blog, usually once a week
- events, activities, introducing concept of
events, products
- Characteristic : informative, integrated Social Network Services - about 47000 followers
- answer the question type of twits as soon as possible
- general twits are posted twice or three times in a day on
average. (Maximum 5 twits a day)
- answers to questions that customers are curious about
- concerts ,events, new product or service promotion
- hold events through twitter : inviting followers to their
- characteristic : Q&A opportunity, actively used
According to these features...
- it has a story
- well connected each other
- continuous contact with public Homepage Blog http://www.cheilstory.com/ - On the entrance page, there are various useful information for
target audience and also people can enjoy it.
- There are classified into recommended story, popular story,
social media news release. Especially users can get new
information on the social media by looking on the social media
news release board. Background information - Founded 1944(South Korea's oldest car company)
- "Kia" derives from the Korean words ki ("to come out") and
"a" (which stands for Asia)
- It is roughly translated as "arise or come up out of Asia" or
"rising out of Asia"
- started as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts
- From 1957 started building motorcycles, trucks and cars.
- In 1986 Kia rejoined the automobile industry in partnership
with Ford.(Mazda production)
- In 1997 Kia declared bankruptcy and Hyundai Motor
Company gained 51% of the Kia outbidding Ford.
- Hyundai now owns less than 50% of Kia - news, notices, info about KIA motors, products, customer services
- In the customer center one can have an online consultation
- Section where customers may give their own ideas for KIA motors
(the design, products, advertising and other various ideas) Blog - Information on events.
- Information on their own global work camps, a program called
Eco dynamics and Fun KIA Designer.
- KIA’s own concerts inviting famous singers or artists when a
new product is released. - This is a work camp created with KIA and UNESCO.
- For 2~3weeks the participants help with
environmental projects.
- Usually go to Africa and Europe.
- Meet people from all over the world whilst doing
projects. Eco-Dynamics - An environmental project for high school students.
- University students are their mentors.
- The team with a successful project gets a chance
to take part of the Global Eco Camp Fun KIA Designer - University students are given the chance to see the
marketing fields of the company.
- One has to undergo different missions given with
team members.
- A chance to learn about marketing with new people. - Friendly
YG Entertainment is always close with the public.

- Story
Hyundai card has a story for their social media.

- Global
Kia tries its best to communicate with the world.

- Practical
Korean Air develops new ways to create a better service. Bad Points - Two way Assymetrical
YG Entertainment only gives information not trying to
talk with the public.
Korean Air does tries to shutdown complaints.

- Lack of maintenance
Kia has a lot of pages globally, however do not
maintain them at the best.
- Korean Air has youtube channels which has poor
management. Problems - Focus on promotion rather than communication.
- Side effect caused by lack of management. Conclusion - The most important purpose of using SNS should be
creating relationships with the public. We found out that companies using SNS need to be information-oriented and at the same time be interactive with the public!
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