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Paris, France

No description

Kendal Rubin

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Paris, France

Paris, France
Population, Ethnic Group, Language
The population of Paris, France as of February 24, 2014 is 2,235,140 and counting. The main Ethnic group of Paris is French, as well as the language.
The mayor of Paris is Bertand Delanoe.
He has been the mayor of Paris since 2001. He is a member of the Socialist Party. He went to the University of Toulouse.
Some important landmarks are
The Eiffel tower created by Gustav Eiffel
The Arc de Triomphe a detailed arch of stone
Notre Dame Cathedral
Basilica of Sacre Coeur
Sainte Chapelle
A famous river in Paris is callesd the
Seine River. It's the longest river
in Paris after the Loire. It empties
into the English Channel at
Le Havre.
The Flag
The mondern French flag was adopted in 1794.
In the standard flag, each color is the same width, but in then navy French flag, each bar gets bigger as it progresses.
When the current colors were first adopted in 1790, the colors were opposite, reading red, white, blue instead of blue, white, red.
Sources and Video

This is what most people would envision a French person looking like.
The Language
Yes- Oui
Que veut dire_?-What does_mean?
je m'appelle-my name is
apprende-to learn
au revoir- goodbye
merci- thank you
s'il vous plait- please
comment allez-vous-how are you
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