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FischiettoB 13 Colonies Project Pd #

No description

Becky Fischietto

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of FischiettoB 13 Colonies Project Pd #

3 Regions in the Colonies Massachusetts - founded in ______ by ______________

Rhode Island founded in _____ by _______________

Connecticut founded in ______ by ______________

New Hampshire founded in _______ by )______________ New England Colonies New York: founded by ________________ in __________

Pennsylvania: founded by ____________________ in ________

New Jersey: founded by ___________________ in _________

Delaware: founded by ___________________ in ___________ Middle Colonies Region Southern Colonies Region Comparing
Colonies This is where you would type the information you found out about government types in New England colonies. You can use bullet points and also insert pictures here too, to show your knowledge. Government in New England Here is where you type your facts about religion in New England. Don't forget to explain how religion influenced the region/colonies to develop. Religion in New England Environment in Middle Region Government Types in the Middle Region Religion in the Middle Colonies In this space you will compare & contrast what the environment (geography and climate) is like among the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. Show that you understand how the regions are similar and how they are unique & different from the others. Environments Among the Regions Education in the 3 Colonial Regions
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