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Extra Credit

No description

Hailey Jansen

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Extra Credit

Extra Credit
Andrew Clements

very talented at writing English
11 years old
6th grade
helps family store
Initial Action
First Abby got pulled out of gym class, but she didn't know what was happening. The social worker was telling Abby that she could get held back. She didn't want to be with the younger kids, so she got to pick out of the Extra Credit box.
the end of the school year
Illinois school
Afghanistan school
Why was he the protagonist:
he received letters from America
didn't have to help his sister Amria
he helped Abby pass 6th grade
sending letters back and helping Amria
10 1/2 years old
6th grade
loves to rock climb
goal is to pass 6th grade

Why she is the Antagonist:
never does her homework
relies on Sadeed and Amria to write back
does not care about her school work
Some of the people in Afghanistan do not like the people in America. Abby who lives in America is sending letters to Sadeed and to Amria which live in Afghanistan. They were trying to send letters but they didn't know how to communicate once the guard caught Sadeed. Also boys are not suppose to write to girls in Afghanistan. Which makes the conflict external.
When Abby found out that Sadeed was writing to her because males shouldn't write to females. The worst part was that it was to a girl from America. Also Amria and the teacher didn't even know that Sadeed was writing to Abby. The only thing the teacher knew was that he was helping Amria write in English.
Don't judge a person by his country because a guard saw this letter that Sadeed had in his pocket and was curious. Then he took and read it and ripped it up. He did it because it had a United States flag on it. The guard doesn't even care what Abby's personality is. He think she is an enemy because what is happening between Afghanistan and America.
Personal Evaluation

I enjoyed Extra Credit because I liked learning about cultures in Afghanistan. It freaked me out when the solider saw the letter with the American flag on it, so he grabbed it and ripped it up. Then he told Sadeed a story about what happened to his friend. The story was about when his friend got klled because another guard saw that he was sending letters to somebody in America. I was surprised when Sadeed couldn't send any letters to Abby because if he did the whole village would know and could kill him. I would want to be Abby because she gets to learn about what it is like to live in Afghanistan.
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