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Create your own animal project

No description

Kaitlyn Marie

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Create your own animal project

Keep warm/Adapt
Physical Features Traits from squirrel Traits from Both Predators Bat Squirrel Traits from Bat: ~Our animal has the excellent sight of a squirrel.
~The Bat squirrel can also fly as fast as a squirrel can run to get away from their predators.
~It can adapt to the weather and stay warm like a squirrel because of its warm layer of fur.
~In the winter the bat squirrel hibernates in a nest similar to the squirrel.
~A trait we took from the squirrel was also shelter, we picked this because they nest in trees, we thought this would be a good trait because it can keep them higher up and further away from predators Traits From Both 1. Hawk
2. Coyotes
3. Dogs
4. Cats
5. Humans Create your own animal Kaitlyn, Colton, Amos & Kat Ratings Traits from a Squirrel ~The bat squirrel also has a diet combined with both insects and nuts, so it has a steady food supply year round
~Our animal has a combination of smell from both a bat and a squirrel
~It reproduces like both a bat and a squirrel because it reproduces every March-April and births around 5-7 every year
~like a bat, our bat squirrel only comes out at night- meaning its Nocturnal.
~It also has a very keen sense of hearing.
~Our animal also has the physical features of a bat because of its black body and wings. 5
30 Points
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