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Work Place Accidents

No description

Melissa Kanowitz

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Work Place Accidents

By: Melissa Kanowitz
Safety Tips
Report to work well rested and physically fit to be able to give full attention to your job.

Persons with physical or mental impairment shall not be assigned to tasks where their impairment has a potential to endanger themselves or others.

No person shall be permitted to remain on the premises while their ability to work is so affected by alcohol, drugs (prescription or non-prescription) or other substance, so as to endanger their health or safety or that of any other person.

Persons working alone shall be required to check-in regularly with Security.

If something looks unsafe it probably is ... IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT ... ASK !
Work Place Accidents:
More than 337 million accidents happen on the job each year.
All over the world...
"A work accident (also called occupational accident, accident at work) is a "discrete occurrence in the course of work, which leads to physical or mental harm".
Machines are used more frequently at workplaces. Industries that experience the most accidents that are manufacturing, mining, construction and agriculture. The reasons for that are, sharp edges , hot surfaces and other hazards with the potential to crush, burn, cut, shear, stab or otherwise wound workers if used unsafely.
2.7 million people die a year because of workplace accidents/disease or illnesses contracted from the workplace.
Do you know what work place accidents are or how they occur?

Have you ever witnessed any workplace accidents?
... If so did you tell anyone or write a report?

How many people die as a result of a workplace accident?
So far this year – by November, 73 workers have died from traumatic injuries at work in Ontario.

2010 Alone
 51 workers per day suffered from overexertion injuries while lifting, pushing or pulling

 43 workers per day suffered injuries like bruises, fractures or concussions when struck by equipment

 40 workers per day slipped, tripped or fell, resulting in injuries ranging from minor sprains and multiple fractures to paralysis

 12 workers per day were exposed to harmful substances that caused conditions like skin disorders or respiratory illnesses

 10 workers per day had a hand, arm, leg or their entire body crushed by or caught in equipment

 1 worker per day suffered burns or smoke inhalation from fires or explosions

These are just a few examples of some of the ways Ontario workers get injured or become ill each day. Remember, there are many more injuries that did not result in lost time, but still caused pain and suffering and sometimes permanent impairment or disfigurement.
In 2010, over 100 died from traumatic injuries.

More than 57,000 workers in Ontario suffered from injuries or serious illnesses as a result of dangerous hazards.

They all lost time at work. Some never completely recovered or returned to see their jobs or families again.
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