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Self Checkout Automation

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Allen Lam

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Self Checkout Automation

Self Checkout Automation
How is this task accomplished with automation?
Now that Self checkouts are automated, you can purchase items yourself. You would just have to scan the bar codes, choose what you want to pay with, such as your a visa card or any other credit card and pay for them. Then put them in the bag they give you and you are ready to leave.
What is the social impact of this automation?
The social impact of this automation has both a negative and a positive side. In the positive side, with the self checkout machine, you can purchase your items on your own which allows former cashiers to help out around the store.It can also reduce the timing of your purchasing. The negatives are that sometimes the machine wont function making store workers help you which is a delay for you and other people wanting to use it. Another thing is that since you are using a machine to purchase your item, you would have no interaction to a person like you did with a cashier worker.

What is the economic impact of this automation?
The economical impact of this automation is that self checkouts are not cheap. They cost about $25,000 each not including installation. So each store would approximately have 4-6 self checkouts depending on the store. That is about $150,000 still not including the installation. Now stores would have to pay for the self checkout machines plus they would have to pay their employee's their checks.
How was this task accomplished before it was automated?
Before the self checkouts systems were automated, they had workers working as cashiers to checkout the items that were purchased by the customers. There are still cashiers who checkout the items but more less than before because of the self checkout system. They are not only seen in stores, they are also seen in the libraries.
What is the environmental impact of this automation?
The environmental impact of self checkouts can be bad. Since stores would want to have this machine, factories would have to make more of these machines causing pollution. Also it can depend on the person. Since the self checkouts can reduce the timing of your purchase, some people would buy a lot of items since hey know you wouldn't have to wait in a long line for cashiers, they would use the self checkouts. When that happens, since it reduces time, many customers would use it which causes the self checkouts to receive a lot of money which workers get paid with, which then workers would start purchasing a lot, which then leads to factories making more products causing pollution which is bad for our world.
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