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vanessa hernandez

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Aluminum

Aluminum is located in group 13, The Boron Group, Each element in this group has 3 electrons in the outer energy level. Aluminum is located in period 3, The 3rd row(or period 3) is made up of 8 elements. Aluminum is one of them.
About Aluminum
The Atomic Number of Aluminum is 14. The Atomic Mass is 26.9815386. It contains 13 Protons, 14 Neutrons, and 14 Electrons.
Common Ions & Isotopes
Ions:Atom or Molecule, number of Electrons is not equal to number of Protons
Isotopes: number of Electrons have the same number of Protrons
The only common ion in Aluminum is Al3+ The isotopes are Al-26 Al-27.
Who & When?
Aluminum was discovered by Hans Christian Oersted. It was discovered in 1825.
Where & How?
Aluminum is found in Denmark, The Kingdom of Denmark, It can be found here scene it was discovered here. Aluminum is used in industries for packaging or making beverage cans.
The Melting point of Aluminum is 1,221 F (660.32C). The Boiling Point is 4,566 F(2,519 C). The word Aluminum originated from the Latin word "Alumen"
More Facts!
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