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rym rahmouni

on 22 October 2016

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Transcript of Paris

They play a lot of sports in Paris, for example: rugby, bicycle and running.
The citizens are called French. The figures of the French population calculated by IN SEE were validated january 1,2015. Paris has 2,240,621 inhabitants in the municipale population. The total population is 2,265,886 individuals.
Paris is situated in Europe, more exactly in France in the North-East. Paris is the capital of France. This City is very big . They have a lot of tourists. Paris is a touristic city.
In 2014,there were 17,636 taxis in Paris.
Ah, the bus
is there
The city of Paris has a dense network of bus lines(100 lines) and
(16 lines),but also some other ways of transport that develop gradually as the train
That it's really cool!
The two airports that handle most of the trafic has transported 90.3 million passengers in 2013 and 2.17 million tons of cargo in 2013.
The city is developing since 1996 a network of cicle tracks.That constantly increasing reached in 2011 700 kilometers including bands and cyclabe tracks and bus lane extened.
Eiffel Tower

Musée du louvre
La pyramide du Louvre
Cathédrale of Paris
Musée Picaso
Arc de Triomphe
In Paris, you can go see a lot of monuments, like: The Eiffel Tower, Musée du louve, pyramide du louvre, Cathédrale de Paris, Arc de triomphe, Musée Picasso.
The End

They have many means of transportation like taxi, bicycle,airplane,train, and more.
thank you for listening

hope that you enjoyed the presentation
Movie made in Paris
The parisian speak is the local form of French spoken in Paris.For some linguists,it is difficult to speak of parisian accent . We could not really speak of Parisian accent .
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