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Book Report

No description

Emily Tobin

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

By: Christopher Paolini Eragon Setting The novel takes place in a magical world, the land of Alagaesia.
There are woods around Eragon's town, Carvahall, called the Spine.
It is winter when the story first takes place. As the story continues, the setting changes to cities, which they visit. The story eventually ends up at the Varden. The Varden is the place where dwarfs live and is located in the Beor Mountains. It has not been found by the Empire. Exposition Eragon found a "stone" in the Spine and brought it home. It turned out that it was a Dragon egg. He raised the dragon and named her Saphira. As he raised her, he did not know that he was becoming a Dragon Rider. There were people in the village that Brom knew that were dangerous and could potentially kill Eragon and Saphira. These people were called Ra'zac. Eragon's Uncle died because of them. Brom accompanied Eragon on his journey. Rising Action Brom trained Eragon to sword fight and use magic. He went to different cities to get revenge on the Ra'zac for killing his Uncle. Brom died in order to save Eragon's life. As he kept traveling, Eragon had visions. He found the thing he saw in his visions, an elf. The elf was in a deep sleep and almost dead. Climax Eragon had to make a decision about whether he should go to the Varden, go to the Empire, or fend for himself and get as far away from both the Empire and the Varden as possible. He decided to go to the Varden in order to save the elf's life. Falling Action He was let into the Varden. He got magically and physically tested to see how he was progressing as a Rider. There was a battle brewing between the Empire and the Varden. Protagonist By: Emily Tobin Eragon Antagonist Ra'zac/Empire Characterization Eragon Saphira Brom Murtagh Arya Resolution Conflict Man Vs Man Man vs Society Man vs Self Flashback How Eragon Changed Throughout the Book Themes Brom Saphira Eragon Murtagh Arya Eragon is 15 years old and has brown eyes and brown hair. He becomes a Dragon Rider, which includes becoming a warrior. He is brave, strong, caring, curious, and is a leader. Saphira is Eragon's dragon who cannot speak out loud but is mentally connected to Eragon. She can also be connected to other people if she wants to be, for long or short spans of time. Saphira is caring and strong. Brom accompanies Eragon on his journey in order to teach him how to become a Rider. He also teaches Eragon skills he will need to fight and use magic. He is old, strong, brave, knowledgeable, and a leader. He was once a Rider. Murtagh is 18 years old with brown hair. He does not talk about his past or his family. He is Eragon's companion for part of the journey. He is aggressive, impulsive, and appears, at times, to be untrustworthy, although toward Eragon he is trustworthy. Arya is an elf that is saved from her death by Eragon. She is about 100 years old, but she looks like she is about 20 years old. She is strong, caring, and she is a leader. Arya has wit and cunning, At the beginning of the book, Eragon is quiet, weak, and is like a typical teenager on a farm. Once he learns he is a Dragon Rider and starts training with Brom, he grows up and becomes stronger mentally and physically. In addition, he learns what he can handle and becomes a warrior. By the end of the book, Eragon is looked up to, and is extremely strong and powerful, both mentally and physically. 1. Never give up
2. Always try your best
3. Friends can help you when you are in trouble Ra'zac Empire The Empire/Ra'zac The Empire wants to find and kill all Dragons and Dragon Riders that are not on their side, but first they will try to get you on their side. They have dragon eggs (dragons) which can and eventually will choose someone. When the dragon does this, the Empire wants to have total control of the dragon and the rider. They have control of the Ra'zac and Urals which are very strong and powerful groups. The Empire and the Ra'zac kill anyone who they do not like. The battle started and it looked as though they were winning at the very beginning. Then as more and more Urgals came it seemed that the Varden was going to lose. There were too many Urgals to fight. Eragon had been called away from the fight to do another job. On his way to do his job he met up with the Shade, Darza. They went into battle and Eragon ended up killing the Shade for good, and the battle was won. The Varden was still standing and the Uragls fled. Eragon vs Twins Eragon was tested magically by the twins in order to see how much Brom taught him. The twins were giving Eragon difficult challenges that Eragon would not have been able to accomplish without Saphira's help. They would not give Eragon any time to rest between tasks. Eragon vs Shade Eragon encountered the Shade while breaking out of jail and saving Arya from the jail. Eragon battled with the Shade, but he was not strong or powerful enough to overcome the Shade alone. With Murtugh's help he was able to make the Shade disappear, but with the consequence of him coming back even more powerful.
Eragon encountered the Shade when he was more powerful, and they had a small battle between each other. Eragon was hurt by the Shade. Luckily was able to kill the Shade, with a little assistance by Arya. Eragon vs Urgals Eragon killed two Urgals in a town that they were just passing through. He used magic to kill them. This was the first time he knew that he had this ability.
He encountered 12 Urgals and decided to use magic to try to kill them. He was only able to knock them off their feet and almost died because of his mistake. Eragon vs Self Murtagh vs Self Eragon vs The Empire/Ra'zac Brom vs Empire Arya retells what her job was and how the Shade ambushed her and captured her. She tried to use her magic to get the dragon egg to Brom, but it missed it's location, although not by much. This scene goes back in time before Eragon found the egg and the story started. Murtagh told Eragon who he was related to. He retold why he was traveling alone and who he was working for and why he did not to go to the Varden. This scene jumps back in time before the novel starts. Murtagh had to make a decision about staying with Eragon on his way to the Varden or leaving Eragon. He was afraid to go to the Varden because he thought that the dwarfs who lived there would hate him because of the past actions of his father. He had a conflict within himself about whether to stay with his friend or leave him. Eragon had to make a decision to go to the Varden or to go off by himself. He was the only one who could make that decision. This decision was one of the most important decisions that Eragon had to make throughout the book. There were good things and bad things that each decision had to offer. Since the Ra'zac killed his Uncle, Eragon wanted to kill them. He was determined to find them. Once he learned that the Empire was trying to kill him and all Dragon Riders, he did not like the Empire anymore. He wanted to bring the Empire down. Brom had to choose to be associated with the Varden or the Empire. He knew what the Empire was doing. He did not approve of what they were doing and hated them for killing many Riders just because they would not join the Empire's cause.
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