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Ancient Egyptian Afterlife

A Social Studies Project

Megan Triplett

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Afterlife

Afterlife of Ancient Egypt
by Megan Triplett
by Megan Triplett
The Afterlife
In some people's eyes the ancient egyptians were obsessed with life and the whole reason they came up with the afterlife was so they could live forever. The afterlife was everything to the ancient egyptians. Most of them ended up spending more time thinking and planning out their afterlife then living their life on earth. But if the ancient egyptians wanted to get into the afterlife, first the had to pass the "12 gates of the underworld" with different things trying to stop them on getting to the real afterlife.
The 12 Hours of the Afterlife
1st Step:

Naming the demon-

In order to pass to the 2nd step, the ancient egyptians have to name the snake or demon.
12th Step:
Ist Step:
Naming the Demon:
In order to pass to the 2nd step, the ancient egyptian must go to the 1st gate and tell the snake his name.
Ikram, S. I. (2005, November 17). Interview by S.K.L. Lewis []. The afterlife in ancient egypt., Retrieved from http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/afterlife-ancient-egypt.html
Ist Step:
Why was the afterlife so important?
The afterlife was a heavenly place that held everything the egyptians ever wanted or needed. There was no discrimination against the different social classes although the higher classes had a better chance of passing through all of the gates then the lower classes. Once you got to afterlife you would love every single second of it.
How did the egyptians prepare for the afterlife during their lifetime?
The egyptians spent their whole life on earth thinking about their afterlife. They spent it doing good deeds and other things like that. There weren't many crimes in Ancient Egypt because they were thinking about what the punishments would be for them in the afterlife if they did the crimes.
How did the egyptians prepare for the afterlife after their death?
In order for the egyptians to go on to the afterlife they would have to have their name written down and have a preserved body. You needed to have a preserved body because you had to have your soul to go on to the afterlife. Grave-robbing was the worst crime there was because they were stopping the person who's grave was robbed. from getting on to the afterlife. That is why they wouldn't let many slaves and unskilled workers know the way around the pharaoh's pyramid, because they could steal all of his riches and his body and stop him from getting to the afterlife.
The steps of the afterlife were gates that you had to go to through in order to get get to the "heavenly" part of the afterlife. For each hour of the night, there was a different "obstacle" you had to pass in order to move on. Some of the obstacles were things like "the lake of fire", "naming the demon", "fighting Apophis", and the last step was taking the form of a scarab beetle and turning into the sun.
Ancient Egypt for Kids: The Afterlife. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://egypt.mrdonn.org/afterlife.html
Raven, Y. (2012). Egyptian secrets of the afterlife [Web]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.cdom/watch?v=wI-zIc_XUj8
Weighing of the Heart
Mummy with Hair
Book of the Dead
Journey to the Afterlife. (2013). The History Channel website. Retrieved November 25, 2013, from http://www.history.comhttp://www.history.com/videos/journey-to-the-afterlife
In this video you will learn about the book of the dead and how it helped the ancient egyptians through the afterlife.
Fun Facts!
When you unwrap a mummy the bandages can stretch for about 1,750 yards!
Ancient Egyptians invented many things we still use today such as paper, pens, locks, keys, and even toothpaste!
Ten facts about ancient egypt!. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://ngkids.co.uk/did-you-know/Ten-Facts-about-Ancient-Egypt
The weight of The Pyramid at Giza is about the same as 16 empire state buildings.
Thanks for watching!
I hope you enjoyed my presentation!
Osiris and the Afterlife
Osiris is "The God of the Land of the Dead". As the god of the dead he has to judge the people that come into the afterlife, whether they should get in or not. Also he makes sure everything is going smoothly in the afterlife, he is the overseer of all things that happen in the underworld.
Mummification & the Afterlife
Mummification is the process of preserving the body. The egyptians did this because they wanted to live forever and if the body was preserved they could go onto the afterlife. We think of mummies as scary dead people but they actually helped the egyptians because if it weren't for them, the egyptians wouldn't get to live forever which was everything they lived for.
Over 130 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt!
The Book of the Dead
"The Book of the Dead" was a series of letters/pictures that explained what to do on the journey to the afterlife. We know it as "The Book of the Dead" but the Egyptians called it "Rue Nu Pert Em Hru" which means "The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day". "The Book of the Dead" was written on the walls of the Egyptian tombs so they knew what to do in the afterlife.
The egyptian book of the dead. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.egyptartsite.com/book.html
Anubis and The Afterlife
Anubis is "The God of Embalming of the Dead" and he was the guide in the afterlife. Anubis had the head of a jackal and he was a very important god because he was a god of the afterlife. When people were being mummified the people who were mummifying them wore the head of Anubis.
1. What was a step of the afterlife?

A. Turning into a dog
B. Turning into a beetle
C. Turning into a hieroglyphic
B. Turning into a beetle
2. How did the Egyptians interpret "The Book of the Dead"?

A. Rue Nu Pert Em Hru
B. La Fa Ba Ka Tu
C. Na Fu Ha Fru Ta
A. Rue Nu Pert Em Hru
3. What was something that we and the Egyptians had? Pick 2.

A. Fridge
B. Lock
C. Treadmills
D. Toothpaste
E. Bicycle
B. Lock
D. Toothpaste

What was the worst crime in ancient Egypt and why?

A. Pushing someone into the river because they would drown.
B. Grave-robbing because it would attract a mean god.
C. Grave-robing because you were stopping the people from getting to the afterlife.
C. Grave-robbing because it would stop the people from getting to the afterlife.
Why did the Egyptians "create" the afterlife?

A. Because they wanted to live forever.
B. Because they wanted to die.
C. Because the gods wanted to see their people.
A. Because they wanted to live forever.
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