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Kirk Brewster

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of ADVANTAGES

Eye Problems
Optometrists have discovered that to much exposure to electronic screens can result in eye problems as an adult
Loss of Jobs
Some schools are replacing their teachers with technology

Since the technology does all of the teaching then there is no need keep paying the teachers

Firing teachers saves schools money and gives them more money to spend on newer and faster technology


Because technology hasn't excelled enough to teach kids altogether most teachers wouldn't lose their job

Even if a teacher did lose their job then there is probably a good chance that a neighbor school would have job opening
Data Driven Learning
Some critics think that technology in schools is going to go to the extent that it won't be traditional learning anymore

The schools could misuse the technology and just force the content into he kids minds

Students wouldn't be learning the true academic way leading to schools becoming completely opposite of what they were meant to be


Schools would have to become all technology for this to ever happen

Teachers wouldn't ever let this happen because they know the true way to teach kids
With the new technology available, students are able to personalize their learning experience

Focus and Organization
Students are able to stay more organized by storing the work on computers instead of in their bag

This means that students can stay more focused in class when using the technology

Students can stay more organized too by using bookmarks and saving their work online

This results in students not losing their work and studying harder, ultimately resulting in better grades
Because of Personalization, Organization and Focus, and Affordability technology enhances the learning experience in schools

Overall technology can help all kids succeed in school if you use it in the right way

Schools can still take a technological approach if they do not let it get out of hand
Is Technology Enhancing or Diminishing the Learning Experience?
By: Kirk Brewster
Technology in schools enhances the learning experience because of the personalization, organization and focus of the students, and the affordability and money that it saves.
Today many schools around the world are taking a big leap to technological learning

Although technology is more advanced than traditional learning, does it really improve the learning experience or does it diminish it?
"The Technological tools can provide layers of education, helping people who understand concepts in different ways to find a way that works for them." -David Trinko
This means that anyone- no matter how different they are- can learn in the best possible way and still excel with their grade

This can also mean that not as many kids will be left behind to repeat a grade
"By embedding such social web tools as blogs and social bookmarks into the learning culture, both students and teachers can stay organized and focused." -Will Richardson
Schools are able to afford the new technology that is being created

This means that schools will be able to teach students in the best way possible because it is affordable

Some schools lack the money needed to teach their students well which causes them to fall behind academically

This can result in school districts with less money to still succeed
"Proponents of adaptive learning say that technology has finally made it possible to deliver an individualized instruction at an
affordable price
." -Seth Fletcher
"Optometrists warn that a steep increase in blue-light exposure from screens could lead to eye problems later in life." -Michael Scherer
This could lead to many other problems for the students


Although the kids are at risk of to much blue light exposure they could limit their time on the computers everyday

They could participate in an interactive learning experience, not just with technology
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