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Unit 9 M3 How to make a network secure

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max evans

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Unit 9 M3 How to make a network secure

How to make a server secure.
Why is it important to make networks secure?
The reason why it is important to make your network secure is because when using the network there will be a lot of information and data traveling over your network and you do not want anyone to be able to get a hold of the data by intercepting packets or other methods. In regards to a business point of view then keeping a network secure is vital as you will have to ensure that all customer data is safe and secure meaning the customers will trust ACK and ACK will retain more return sales.
Applying permissions on accounts
To keep your server safe and secure we can start with simply applying permissions for the users. this can be restricting their log in hours therefore if you do not have staff monitoring the users on a particular day you can restrict log in hours so that the employees of ACK cannot access their accounts on
that day meaning users are not left
without being monitored. this can also
work for shift workers to ensure healthy
working hours you can set their hours
on the server from 9 - 12 therefore their computer logs off and they get a forced break from the screen so they can have their lunch then they are allowed back onto the server at 1. This can help ACK reputation of looking after their employees giving good public relations.
Creating security groups
Creating security groups is a good way of securing the server for ACK. For example you could create a group for server technicians giving them the ability to back up and restore files and directories within the server. This helps the server to stay secure as not anyone has access to restoring the server and only qualified technicians or trusted users have access to these controls.

Within this report I shall be writing about why it can be important to ensure that your network is secure. I shall also be talking about what you can do to make your network secure.
Create a group policy object
Set authorization permissions
Fire walls
Create a restore point for the server
A group policy object is many settings that can define how the system behaves for a group of users that have group policy objects applied. There are many different group policy features for example;

Account policies
Local Policies
Restricted Groups

And much more..

Within account policies you can modify password polices in order to meet your desired security needs such as specifying how long or short you want the password to be and what characters are included.

This can help ACK as they can partition users in groups and order them in levels of accessibility meaning certain groups have different permissions therefore securing the server for ACK.
You can set permissions on almost any metadata item within the server. to retrieve the permission settings they are displayed on the items "Authorization" tab and to locate this you will have to right click the item then click "Properties" then the items "Authorization" tab will be available.

from here you can set permissions which will protect the server from groups reading and writing which is similar for setting permissions for individual users however this is set for the whole group and as you can see in the
example i have only allowed users
the read the metadata which then
protects the data from being
deleted or edited.

Physical Security
A firewall within the server can allow you to limit the access to ports that you choose not to be accessed, along with this you can restrict sources also.

A prime example of this is being able to prevent non-root users from being able to create services that can accept risky connections therefore the attacker cannot create a attack point.

With a firewall you can also restrict outbound connections meaning you can reduce the possibility of a reverse shell attack.
Creating a restore point is vital for servers as allot of important data is kept on the servers which some organizations do not want to loose.

Creating a restore point for the server is
a essential task and should be performed
on a weekly or regular basis to ensure all
data is up to date and if you do manage
to loose the data it will be restored to its
most recent form.

In relation to creating a restore point for a server you can also backup the server to a cloud however this could be a costly option for a small organization.

The server will be backed up on a regular basis to a cloud so even if physical disaster was to strike the data can be retrieved from the cloud.
physical protection for a server is to prevent people from physically disconnecting the server or rearranging connections.

Locking up the server room is a vital procedure to server safety. even before setting up servers you should ensure the server room can be securely locked as the server room is the life and heart beat of your network you do not someone with physical access to switches, cables, routers and all other devices in the room.

as shown in the picture you should use rack
mount servers as they take up less space within
the server room and are very easy to secure as
when loaded with all equipment and bolted to
the floor are very hard to move making them
physically secure.
Max Evans
Unit 9 M3
How can this benefit ACK?
Making a network safe for ACK can help them retain important customer data. If the network is infiltrated and the customer data is gathered by hackers the information can be reused for criminal purposes or data exploitation to competitors.

By keeping the network safe this can help combat these problems within ACK therefore retaining customer data to the highest security and keeping a good business reputation.
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