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Arlington National Cemetery

This is a Prezi made by Sophia P., Natalia, and John. This is our D.C. presentation. We were assigned to the Arlington National Cemetery, and enjoyed learning about it. We hope that you enjoy learning about it too!

Sophia Petrucci

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Arlington National Cemetery

By Natalia, Sophia P., John The Arlington National Cemetery Who designed the Arlington National Cemetery? The man who designed Arlington National Cemetery was General Montgomery Meigs. Arlington National Cemetery is located in Arlington, Virginia. Top 10 Things to See/Understand at Arlington National Cemetery 10. About 612 acres
9. About 4 million people visit per year
8. About 6,900 burials per year
7. 300,000+ people currently buried there
6. 4 U.S. Supreme Court Justices buried there
5. What it takes to be a guard (find more out later)
4. Presidents Kennedy and Taft are buried there
3. Only cemetery that holds service men from every war in U.S. history starting from the Civil War
2. Tomb of the Unknown
1. Changing of the Guard What year did construction begin? The cemetery's construction started on June 15, 1864. What was the purpose for building Arlington National Cemetery? The Arlington National Cemetery was built to be a cemetery for soldiers from the Civil War, and turned into a cemetery for soldiers of any war. This is a picture of the guards of the Unknown Tomb. This shows that they guard through every weather condition. (rain) Where is the cemetery located? How is Arlington Cemetery enjoyed/used today? Today it is used as a cemetery. People from the war/soldiers are buried there. Changing of the Guard This is the a picture of the process of the Changing of the Guard. The guards change every 30 minutes. They guard 24 hours a day , 365 days a year. They guard at ALL times, ALL weather conditions, ALL time of day. They must commit 2 years of service. In the changing, the soldiers take 21 steps for the 21 gun salute. What it takes to be a Guard: To be a guard, you must be a male. You also must be between the height of 5' 10" and 6' 2". Your waist can't exceed 30". Why We Care We honor this cemetery for many reasons. This cemetery holds the people who fought for us. It is very sentimental, because the people who gave us freedom are buried there. The cemetery is symbolic, because this is a part of United States history. We love this cemetery/historic landmark because it also has the Tomb of the Unknown, and that honors the men and women who died in the war and their remains were never found. That is why we care about the Arlington National Cemetery. This is the Tomb of the Unknown, honoring the men and women who died and their remains were never found. It reads, "HERE RESTS IN HONORED GLORY AN AMERICAN SOLDIER KNOWN BUT TO GOD". This is a picture of all of the graves on Memorial Day with the American flags out. We hope you can't wait to go to Arlington Cemetry tomorrow! Because we know we can't! This is a picture of the cemetery at Christmas time, every single headstone has a wreath put on it.
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