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Carly Smith 2B-Prezi 1

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Angela Altazan

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Carly Smith 2B-Prezi 1

Features of Informational Text
Features of Informational Text
Two-Toed Sloth
Main Idea of paragraph 3
Two-Toed Sloth
Main Idea of paragraph 5
Two-Toed Sloth
Venn Diagram
Two-Toed Sloth
Interview with Sloth Canopy Researcher: Byrson Voirin
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
Describe the unique pattern found on the happy face spider's back. What makes this pattern unique? What in the text makes you think so?
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
What do different scientists believe about the strange markings found on the happy face spider's back? Include details from the text in your answer.
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
How does living on the undersides of leave help the happy face spider stay out of the limelight? Use a quote from the text in your answer.
Carly Smith
Some Features of the Interview
Would be.....
Bold words
Some Features of the Article
Would be.....
Bold Words
The summary for the Two-Toed
Sloth article is, Inform you about the two-toed sloth and how & where it lives.
I think the summary of paragraph three in the article, Two-Toed Sloth: Choloepus hoffmanni,
is just telling you the characteristics of a sloth.
I think the gist of paragraph five in the article,
Two-Toed Sloth: Choloepus hoffmanni,
is informing you that Sloths are not land animals due to their weak hind legs, yet they can swim well.
* Two-toed sloths live in
the rainforest.

* Algae grows on the
sloth's fur giving it a
greenish look

* Sloths are very slow

* Two-toed sloths are
larger than three-toed
* Sloths have long claws

* Some sloths sleep up to
twenty hours a day.

* Usually sloths get most
if not all their water from
juicy, wet, fruits.
* Sloths can move about as
fast as you can walk fast.

* Goes up into trees and catches sloths
* Is a biologist studying
mainly two and three
-toed sloths
The unique pattern found on the happy faced spider's base represents a happy face, giving the spider its name. There is a red smile and with what looks like two black eyes. If you read paragraph two of the text it clearly reads, "The marks resemble two
circles that look like eyes. There is a curved shape
below, similar to a smile.
Although many scientists do think that these marking are to warn predators, Not all scientist agree on this theory. Some scientist think the markings have nothing to do with the spider's survival.

My evidence would be," However, not all scientist agree on this theory. Some believe the features do nothing to help
the spider avoid its enemies."
Staying on the underside of leaves helps the spider stay out of the limelight simply by not being out in the open, like on the tops of leaves or on tree bark. My evidence is "This can make it difficult for scientist to locate and study." My theory is if scientist cant find them with all of their tools than chances are, an animal cant find them with no tools.
Super Sloth Facts
Sloths are very astonishing animals. They happen to be the worlds slowest animals! In fact, they move so slow that algae grows on their coat. This actually works well for the sloth, now predators are having a harder time finding the sloth. Since the sloth is a slowest animal, it is hard to escape when they are in a stick situation. Sloths are great climbers and depend on their claws to climb. But they aren't so good at walking. Sloths have very weak hind legs and can not walk on land, they can dig holes in the ground to escape but that's about it. If their skin gets caught on the ground they cant do anything about it. Though sloths aren't very good at walking, they do have a special talent for swimming. Sloths are great swimmers and can use that as an escape technique. Other than that, sloths don't do much. They actually sleep up to 15 to 20 hours a day! They are in the trees almost, if not all, their whole life! For food and water sloths just stick with their casual meal, shoots,leaves and fruits. Fruits are vital for a sloths survival. In fact, Sloths get almost, if not all, their water form juicy fruits. Two-toed sloths are slightly larger that three-toed sloths and can be kept in captivity, something three-toed sloths aren't able to do. Sloths also mate and give birth while in the trees. But being alone in the rainforest for years is even harder when you have a baby sloth hanging on you for the first five weeks! Sloths also have super long arms they use to climb. Sloths are generally silent. Dead sloths have been known to retain their grip in the trees, but even when awake they often remain motionless. Two-toed sloths are very cool animals and very interesting mammals.
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