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School Safety and Student Locker Searches

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ryan w

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of School Safety and Student Locker Searches

School Safety and Student Locker Privacy
By: Ryan Willson

The issue of a student's locker privacy and school safety has become a concern. Many people have their views on it, but it is definitely clear that the safety of the school enviornment is more important.
Searches Keep Schools Safe
(Claim 1)
When students lockers are searched, they are less likely to bring something that does not belong there (Hartman).
Student Safety is Emphasized in most schools
(Claim 2)
School policies and the safety of students prevents students from disallowing searches (WorldLawDirect).
America is based on being free, and legal issues are involved
(Claim 3)
"Students in U.S. public schools have the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches (Ehlenberger).
School Locker Searches keep schools safe from dangerous items being used (Hartman).
Individual Searches are when one
locker needs to be searched and a
random search is like drug sniffing
dogs (Ehlenberger).
A student's reasonable expectation of privacy is
effected by school policies designating lockers as school property (WorlLawDirect ).

Schools can search student's
lockers when the search is
justified and the student is
violating school rules (Hartman).
Cons of school locker searches are student's trust being broken, time, and legal issues (Hartman).
The safety of students is overall more important than a student's privacy.
Works Cited
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students," Educational Leaders. December 2001. Web. 22 November 2013 <www.ascd.com>
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school locker searches." Synonym.
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" School Locker Searches." WorldLaw Direct.
30 January 2011. Web. 22 November 2013
With all the things that have occured in present
day schools, searches would keep a school safe.
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