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Clean Nuclear Energy

No description

al johnson

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Clean Nuclear Energy

Clean Nuclear Energy As the world gets more populated
there is a need for more power This need for power has caused are world to become
very polluted by unclean energy sources... One alternative is nuclear energy, a cleaner way to pruduce mass amounts of energy using a chemical reaction. This equation is for Uranium 235 Fission The products of this reaction are a nuetron that collides with U235 causing the Uranium to split. The most common atom used in that chemical reaction(nuclear fission) is Uranium The reactants of this reaction are
Barium137+Krypton97+2nuetrons+Q---Q is the amount of energy created. This reaction will start a chain reaction of Uranium fission. What I learned... Nuclear energy is a very clean and reliable energy source. Nuclear energy has the ability to make a massive amount of energy using very little resources. Nuclear energy will definitely have an impact on our future because it will create clean power that will help our atmosphere get cleaner. It will also provide the necessary power that the world needs and with that said, hopefully will help third world countries that lack efficient power.
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