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PUP Member Services: Maintaining 5 Star Rating

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on 1 October 2011

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Transcript of PUP Member Services: Maintaining 5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating 5 STAR RATING CRITERIA Accuracy of the call  Hold times 2:00 minutes or less Abandonment rate 5% or less Average speed to answer 80% of the call answered in 30 seconds or less ACCURACY OF CALL Delivering correct and up to date information Delivering information in a timely manner Referencing available resources HOLD TIME Minimize the need for holds Always set the expectation If hold will be longer, return to the call to update caller 2:00 MINUTES OR LESS - Stay current on CMS updates (regulations, covered services, etc.)
- Stay current on PUP updates (plan and benefit changes) - Absorb information and become a SME (Subject Matter Expert)
- Always know where to readily find information - CMS website
- PUP website
- Systems (EZ CAP, Voyager, PA Tool, etc.)
- Benefit grid
- Team meetings/huddles
- RTI calls spreadsheet - Research effectively while on the call
- Practice makes perfect... - Ask the caller if they can be placed on a brief hold (ex: few minutes, etc.)
- Come back to the call prior to 2 minutes - Inform the caller of the status of your research and ask if they would mind holding a bit longer
- Inform the caller that a callback may be necessary ABANDONMENT RATE 5% OR LESS Maintain talk time within department standards Minimize being paused in queue for extensive period of time Monitor phone queues for calls - Keep talk time under 4:00 minutes or less
- Control the call - Use pause only when necessary
- Be sure to document specifics when pausing for other than lunch, breaks, meetings, etc. - Periodically monitor switchboard to minimize calls waiting that can potentially become abandoned calls
- Be ready to switch from queue to queue in an effort to assist AVERAGE SPEED TO ANSWER 80% OF CALLS IN 30 SECONDS OR LESS Answer call within one ring Address call within departmental call metric
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