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kenny fultz

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Sports

people who would be interested in baseball are those who work hard, love the sport have good team work and want to make a lot of money.
Sports Careers
NBA, WNBA, NFL, Referee jobs, MLB, MLS,FIFA, NASCAR, Trainers, and Coaching
By:Luis, Tate, Tyler, and Kenny

To play football professionally you are required to attend college for at least three seasons or be out of high school for three years.
The average salary of a professional football player is 1.7 million dollars d can increase a lot.
A high school diploma is required to play major league baseball.
Description: Playing basketball in the NBA for a living. There is little to none education necessarry, you can be drafted during college. The average NBA salary is $4.9 million per year,although they can range from $507,336 to $63.065 million.
The job duty is to play basketball as a team to win games and bring in fans to make money.
description:you can go right out of high school to the MLB.
the average salary for MLB players is 3 million
a year the most they can get paid is almost 6 million. this sport is played with 9 people on the field and its played across the country. the U.S, Canada, Latin America, and east Asia all play the game of baseball
The entry-level wage for a NBA player is about $900,000. People who might be interested in this job are those who like to play basketball and have good teamwork skills and are successful and good at playing the game. Basketball players are also usually physically tall, and strong people.
NBA Cont.
The job of an NFL player is to be the best at whatever position they play.
NFL Pictures
FIFA soccer player wage is $84 mil and
there is no education needed but you do need
to be educated for playing such as training but you don't need a diploma to play soccer

NFL cont.
The point of this job is to play as a team and be the best team out there.
Football players can very on the position play. However they are usually fast, strong, and very athletic.
other soccer players might
be interested in playing for fifa and players duty is to train and win and in FIFA there's 11 players on the field
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