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What is the solution to unwanted papers?

Discuss the web

Cassidy Adams

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of What is the solution to unwanted papers?

Problem: Unwanted Worksheets Solution: Web 2.0! Problem: Unwanted Papers Solution: Web 2.0 Twitter is a fast way to communicate in under 140 characters We could have an online help site where you could post questions and answers. A website that allows you
to store and share your photos You could use them to share
photos with your classmates
and teachers (art, tech ed,
and yearbook) A website that allows you to listen music that reflects the songs you like I think that you could use this to do projects on music and explore how classical music reflects pop A website that allows you
to be up to date on what
other people are doing You could use this for
updates on projects and
even post them If each student or even
class had a“cloud”we
could upload all projects
and have our teachers
grade them online(paperless) The cloud is a way
to store and share
documents among other people An easy fast way to edit
websites consisting of,
a Sidebar, Discussion
History, Notify me and
administrative options Students could update wikis
on subjects they are informed
on, to turn in A blog is a mixture of the web and a log. That consists of the following Post
RSS feed
About the author
Students could post blogs on debatable
The second generation of the World Wide Web, especially the movement away from static webpages to dynamic and shareable content and social networking Google Docs is a website where you can upload documents and they will always be there In language arts we could do peer editing Youtube is a place where
you can upload and veiw
videos from other people Worksheets are very easy and do the job.
But the arent the most fun..
Most kids would much rather be on the computer showing there knowledge,
and I am sure it is much more interesting
for you! (Plus no papers to grade!) A blog is Web site where
anybody can saytheir opinions
or statments any time. If students could blog, they could share their opinions on historical events or even controversial topics Digital media that can be listened to form almost every computer, you can also interact with the “authors” You could use podcast to
share music from your house
with your class/ or explain something to others We could have an online
help site where you could
post qustions and answers We would be able to create
school appropriate videos and
share them with the world So Now you know what the solution is! Good bye to unwanted papers
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