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Week 24- "Mangrove Wilderness"

Vocabulary Introduction

Nicole Naro

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Week 24- "Mangrove Wilderness"

Week 24 remarkable something remarkable is very special in a way that makes other people notice it. What is the most remarkable animal you have ever read about? suitable something that is suitable is right for whatever it is being used for. Would a stormy day be suitable for a picnic? Why or why not? advantage When someone takes advantage of something, they make good use out of it. What might you take advantage of in your community library? extract When you extract something, you carefully pull it out of something. Why would a farmer extract large rocks from a field? withstand if you're able to withstand something, you're able to get through it all right. Can a sand castle withstand pounding waves? Explain your answer. stealthy A stealthy animal is one who stays quiet and hidden when it moves about, so that others do not notice it. Which animal is stealthy: a cat or a cow? Why?
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