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GFGM Projects from IES Abyla

Summary and Results - Year 1

Tomás Díaz Gómez

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of GFGM Projects from IES Abyla

IES Abyla (Ceuta, Spain)
Project Works for GFGM - year 1 Participants 130 STUDENTS - aged 12 to 17
10 TEACHERS Subjects Natural Science
Physical Education
Geography and History
Computer Science
English Language
Agricultural Activities Activities Study of teenagers' eating habits in Ceuta through questionnaires.
Survey about exercise at school.
Analysis of EU rules on food labelling.
Research work on the history of food.
Study of the peculiarities of the Roman diet.
Creation of a website about eating disorders.
Text-reading and discussion on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
Teaching primary schoolchildren how to grow vegetables. Products Final reports.
PowerPoint / Prezi presentations.
Pictures of the agricultural activities.
Video recording.
Students' website. Mobilities 2 (Ploiesti)
5 (Stevenage) Dissemination School Staff.
Local Press.
OAPEE National Agency Publications.
The Internet: - IES Abyla website (linked to GFGM website) -
- YouTube.
- European Shared Treasure (LLP Comenius platform). Evaluation Students:
became aware of the benefits of a healthy diet.
showed great interest and participation. Thank you ...
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