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Structuralism and Agency

No description

Diggs Keally

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Structuralism and Agency

New Social Arrangement
(new historical situation)
The Genesis of Reification
Achieved either by coercion (RSA),
through ideological apparatuses (education,
religion, family, etc.), or both.
Current social arrangement
(known as historical situation)
established by the economic conditions /
Reification Revisited
Praxis defined
Think of praxis as the act of distributing an
idea. Because it is an act, the actor (or agent)
is demonstrating agency.
Phenomena R Us
Consciousness separates (structures) the world in terms of subject and object. When speaking in terms of our environment (material conditions), I (subject) begin to think in terms of me as separate from my environment (object). This process of consciousness is simultaneously an act of alienation and objectification. When I (subject) alienate myself from humanity (me vs you / us vs them, for example), I am at the same time objectifying humanity. Alienation allows one to objectify. Objectification is a necessary aspect of power.
Subject/Object Alienation
and Power
Once I am aware of "me" as separate from
my material surroundings, I have a certain
amount of Agency to manipulate my material
conditions (by way of alienation and objectification). Power is the ability to influence/shape/limit agency. Power is a deliberate act taken by an individual or a group to assert influence over another individual or group. This act necessarily shapes/limits the agency of the affected individual or group.
I have a belief about how the world should be, and I set out to make a reality, to make it seem natural (note: this is not yet power).
Genesis of Ideology
& Agency
Seems natural to me!

from material conditions
and the historical situation
ALIENATION: Who is that over there?
That person is different from me.
Fine print: By exerting agency over someone/something else, that actor/agent is limiting the other's Agency.
The fancy academic
term for an idea is:
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