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john cabot

No description

izabella bock

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of john cabot

JOHN CABOT johns adventure john went to Asia when he was 27.
he went without his family and had a
huge adventure. john died in 1499. he died
when he was about 55. in italy john cabot was known as
giovanni caboto.

john cabot birth certificate was
lost at sea.

john cabot had 11 sons with his

john cabot was the second European
to discover North America. John Cabot was born in 1405 or 1450.
John died in 1499.
John was born in italy. john was looking for Asia 1405 might be the birth date
of John Cabot.Peple have
not found out if his birth
year is in 1405 or 1450. 1450 might be the birth date
of john cabot. people have
not found out if his birth
year is in 1405 or 1450. Sadly John kicked
the bucket and
had to go up. this
was a sad moment
for his family. At one point in Johns life he
went to Asia. He walked
around and explored. 1405-1499 BY:IZABELLA BY:JAKIE we are going n to learn about John Cabot john was born in Italy in 1405 or 1450. John Cabot travel map
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