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3D Holographic Video Chat

No description

Emma Ilildge

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of 3D Holographic Video Chat

Holographs are 3D images formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.
What are holographs?
To make holograms work you have to focus the light on an object, the light bounces off of the object and goes through the lens.Then, it hits the CCD, or charged-coupled device. It is then encoded on a map photograph-IC plate.
How do holograms work?
First, face time the person you want to,when you do any movements,the person on the other end will see you do them in 3D.
First, start with a laser, the laser splits into 2 ,one of which will bounce onto the object, the object's light will then hit the CCD.Now the other beam will hit the object as well, making a holograph.
To make the holograph 3D, shine another laser at the CCD.
How to make holograms work
3D Holographic Video Chat
How the video chat works
How it works
2 miles away
What's up?
what's up?
Research- Christine Nguyen
Prezi- Emma Illidge
Prototype- Ally Hyers
Who did what
A Future Home with Holograms
Our 3D holographic face time is like face time, but in 3D. It’s like in Star Wars, how princess Leia called for help and would project in front of Obi Wan Kenobi. When you get a new update (like the ios7) you will get the new 3D face time/video chat app. The app will look like the regular face time but with the words 3D in the corner. When you click/tap it, all your contacts will pop up so you can choose who you want to face time. Also, you can type in who you want to call, when you do that,it will take you to their contact. If you click the contact, the mobile phone number, home phone number, ringtone, any notes on the person and their text tone. When you select them, it will give you a choice so you can choose between normal or 3D face time. If you choose 3D face time, then when your caller picks up you will have a smaller version of the caller. Also whenever the person does any movements, you will see the person do them on your iPhone in 3D. Whenever you want to hang up, you press the end button, this will stop the call (almost) immediately. If you have missed a call, you will receive a message and you can also go to missed chats. This would be useful to the world because with it you could see change in the person (height, hair color, hair style, hair length clothes, etc., etc.).
What it is
What Holograms Are
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