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Vanessa Dang

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of France

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
As many of you already know, France is a populated country probably the second largest country in Europe, after Russia. It's a beautiful country with amazing 'must-see' sights and landmarks.

Enjoy my prezi!
General Information
Location: Near the centre of Europe
Flag colours: Blue, white & red
Discovered by: No one. It was already there
Main language spoken: French
Most famous Landmark: Eiffel Tower
Population: 63 856 576
Currency: franc
Capital City: Paris

Some French Words
As I said before, the main language of France is French
Here is some words you might know.
Blue : bleu Purple : violet
Green: vert White : blanc
Red: rouge Black: noir
Pink: rose Grey : gris
Orange: d'orange Hello : bonjour
Well that's it for today. Hopefully you enjoy my presentation/prezi and have learn a bit more about France. It was fun doing my project on France.
By Vanessa
Like everyone other country, France has famous tourist attractions.These include the Eiffel Tower, Mont St. Michel, Versailles Palace, Arc de Triomphe, Museum Louvre , Lourdes, Disneyland Paris & Carcassonne.
Eiffel Tower
Mont St. Michel
Versailles Palace
Arc de Triomphe
Museum Louvre
Disneyland Paris
There are many famous people that were French or
ruled France. Here are some examples:
Louis Pasteur
Joan of Arc
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon III
Marie Antoinette
Josephine de Beauharnais
Louis XVI of France
Louis XIV of France
Maximilien Robespierre
Marie Louise of Austria
Art Gallery
Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is the most famous landmarks in France. This amazing tourist attraction took 300 workers 2 years, 2 months and 5 days to build. It was opened for people to admire in 1889. Most people visit Paris to see the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum.
Information abous some of France's most famous landmarks

Louvre Art Gallery
The Louvre Art Gallery is the second most famous tourist site in France and attracts 9.7 million visitors each year. It contains the most well-known painting in the world - Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci

Interesting Facts Part 1
France is also known as French Republic
There are 80 million visitors per year, making France the most visited country in the entire world
The Louvre is the most visited art museum in the world. The famous Mona Lisa painting is on display in this museum.
French is the second most studied language in the world after English
Interesting Facts Part 2
The Alps mountain range on the border of France and Italy is home to France’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, which stands at 4,807m high (15,771 ft).
France was the second country to host the modern Olympic Games in 1900 in Paris. Paris also hosted the games again in 1924. Three winter Olympics have been hosted in France.
The food in France extremely expensive. For instance 2 hard boiled eggs with special spices cost 1 million dollars
One of the four grand slam tennis events, the French Open, is held in Paris every year.
Famous People
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