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Motionless In White

No description

Dominic Johnson

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Motionless In White

2006 The Whorror
Motionless in White Released their first EP The Whorror
2008 When Love Met Destruction
They parted paths with Michael Costanza and recruited current guitarist Ryan Sitcowski
In the Beginning
Formed in 2005 Scranton Pennsylvania
Original Band members: Chris Cerulli, Frank Polumbo, Angelo Parente, Michael Costanza with TJ Bell joining shortly after.
2010 Creatures
Redefined their sound with hit
singles: Abigail, Creatures,
Immaculate Misconception, and Puppets(the first snow).
2012 Infamous
Sept 23- Albums First single Devils Night is released
Oct 9- Albums Second Single if its dead we'll kill it was released
Nov 13- Album Infamous is Released.
2014 Reincarnate
Released sept 16 2014
Signed to masquerade albums
Joshua balz joins motionless in white as a keyboardist
Signed to Tragic Hero Records
Released first music video Ghost in the Mirror
Wanted to get across a halloween horror movie vibe in this album
March 11 Drummer Angelo Parente left saying the touring and the life of a musician had become too much for him
Brandon Richter Replacing Angelo on Drums
Motionless in white have a number of influnces including:
Marilyn Manson
The Misfits
Rob Zombie
The Message vs. The Music
Singles : Reincarnate, Puppets the grand finale, and Contemptress
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