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Crime Scene (un-tampered)

No description

Teona McDuffie

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Crime Scene (un-tampered)

Crime Scene #1
Caught Cheating or Innocent Victim?

Procedures During the Investigation:
After the Investigation:
After the members of the team were satisfied with their findings, we gathered together to start a theory. The photographer worked with the forensic scientist to create an evidence log, where all the items numbered were labeled and the description to where they were found was specified. The list consisted of 16 different evidences, ranging from hair strands, to weapons, to fingerprints. The investigator worked with the sketcher to start theorizing on what went down at the time of the crime.
1B. fingerprints + short strands of hair
near left hand of victim #2

2. hand gun (9 in)
on the floor, near door #1

1A. finger prints
edge of door #1, right above the doorknob

Initial Crime Scene
Investigating Suspect (JoAnne)
Where were you at the time of the murder?

Do you have an alibi?

How did you find out about your husband's affair?

Did you feel any hatred toward your ex-husband or his alleged mistress?

Investigating the Colleague
Where were you when the murder occurred?

How did you feel about the fact that the victim was performing research that was parallel to yours?

What was your relationship with the assistant?

8. pair of scissors
on top of the table, next to door #2

10. rifle + blood droplets
far left corner of the room, on the floor

5. blood droplets
on floor, near head of victim #1

6. knife (11 in)
stabbed through victim #1 near left armpit region

3. long strand of hair
on the floor, near door #1, next to the head of victim #1

4. blood splatter with foot print smudge
on the floor, above the head of victim #1, near door #1

7. blood droplets
on table next to door #1

12. key
on top of counter, left side of room, near door #1, in the corner

14. blood droplets
on stomach of victim #2

16. finger prints
on white cabinets, near door #1

13. blood droplets
on counter top, left side of room, near door #2, near rifle

11. hand gun (9 in) + long strand of hair
on the floor, midway through the room, left side

9. crumpled pieces of tape
on table next next to door #2

blood splatter
on the wall to the right, near door #2, above the head of victim #2

Prior the investigation:
The first step before heading to the crime scene was to educate ourselves on it. We looked at information on the setting, victims, the details of how they died, and were even informed about their relations to potential suspects. We then were able to organize ourselves and make sure everyone knew their jobs so as to not waste any time during the actual investigation. We also had to select a best fitting pattern that we could follow to ensure that all evidence is found and documented in a productive/effective format. The chosen design was a quadrant layout because we felt that the since the scene was in small room and we were given a limited amount of time, it would be the fastest and easiest pattern to go in. The numbers were gathered, along with an evidence envelope and a meter stick, and we were ready to go.

Before we even opened the door, we made sure to take a picture of the entrance. We then entered the scene and preceded by taking a picture of the entire scene. Our sketcher was also quick on his feet to start drawing the scene to scale, starting with the reference points, such as the tables, doors, and cabinets, and then adding in the evidence as we went. The investigator made sure that the team followed the quadrant pattern while beginning to formulate what might have happened in this crime. This was done by examining the scene in order to measure the violence and duration of the crime. The forensic scientist placed numbers near any possible evidence, keeping in mind that anything could be useful to the investigation. The photographer took pictures of all the numbered objects/substances using a ruler on some of the weapons to determine size. The team worked quickly but with an open mind so as to not miss any crucial evidence or possible hypotheses. The forensic scientist also collected some of the hair samples in hopes that they would later be able to give us some facts about the victims and/or killers. After the time was up, the numbers were collected and we got together to start piecing the parts of the crime together.
Absent Evidence
security camera footage
cellular data/history

(The Crime Scene Investigator opens her mouth, straightening her glasses as she starts to explain her theory, her hands moving with her words)
JoAnne Shalter was once a happily married young woman who had one child with her husband,Brian Shalter. Everything was going extremely well in their marriage until she found out that *he was cheating on her with his lab technician, Erica DeSillo*. JoAnne did not hold a grudge against the technician, but instead held a personal vendetta against her husband for ruining her son’s childhood. JoAnne filed for a divorce the night after she had found out about the affair, commencing her plan to ruin Brian’s life.
JoAnne had always been a fiery girl. She was known for starting fights with anyone who did her wrong, taking out whoever tried to stop her in the process. *JoAnne’s plan was to surprise and confront Brian at his lab a few weeks later, when their divorce was almost finalized. She had made a copy of his office’s keys by taking a mold of the set Brain kept in the safe in their room*. As the weeks passed, she also accumulated a knife, a rifle and a handgun from a mysterious man on the street.

The night of the crime, JoAnne *parked her green Kia* in a shaded area of the parking lot and entered the lab through the front door, peeking in before entering to make sure no one was in the lab. Her hand pressed the middle of the doorframe as she pushed it open, tossing the keys to the side of her. They landed on the counter top, sprawled out like a banana peel lobbed carelessly on the ground. She crouched low next to the door with the handgun loaded, gripped tightly in her clammy palms. Her heart was racing, her eyes focusing precautiously on the furniture’s dark shadows around the room, scanning them slowly as she tried to calm herself. *She felt happy, elated that the day had finally come*. She knew there was no turning back now.

Her lips formed silent vulgar slurs in unison with the growing taps of footsteps coming closer to the lab’s door. Her breath never faltered as the door opened slowly, revealing her ex-husband’s outlined figure in the door frame. Her hands never trembled as he entered the room, flicking on the lights. He never bothered to look around the room, instead his gaze found itself focused on his desk.
A single shot rang out, the bullet piercing Brian’s right shoulder. He screamed in surprise, his left arm grasping at the shooting pain in his shoulder. He turned around, his red eyes glassy. JoAnne froze for a second, just long enough to allow Brian to pull his gun from the top right desk drawer, grinning as she examined the look of betrayal in his eyes.
A shrill laugh tore through her lips as she watched him fumble with the safety. She moved closer to him, holding her gun at arm's length, pressing the barrel against his head. She played with the trigger as she watched him struggle, whispering bang, bang, bang, every time her finger tapped the metal of the gun. His gaze shifted from JoAnne, to the safety, and back. He threw his gun down on the ground in frustration, pleading with JoAnne to let him go. *She pulled the gun back slightly from his forehead to toy with him*. Boom- a bullet pierced his skull. He fell face down on the ground instantly, his limbs sprawled. She stood over him, wiping the blood off her face. She pulled the trigger once more, the bullet puncturing the back of his skull this time.

She had killed him, but her blood was still boiling. Tossing the handgun behind her, she slipped the knife out of her pocket. She ran the blade over her fingers. A few scarlet drops fell on the ground as she took a deep breath. Without any other hesitation she started to stab the corpse. With each gratifying plunge, she could feel the anger rushing out of her body. After twenty-two thin slices were made in his body, she stood up, dropping the knife next to Brian. Her chest moved up and down in shallow breaths, completely unaware of who had just entered the lab through the back door.

Erica stood just inside of the doorframe, her hands covering her mouth as she gasped. JoAnne’s head snapped back as she became aware of her surroundings, the door closing behind Erica. JoAnne had no choice, she had to kill Erica. She wrung her lips together as she moved closer to Erica. Erika sprang forward, pulling a out a few strands of JoAnne’s short hair. This action only angered JoAnne more. She pulled the rifle up to her shoulder, putting two perfect bullets through the center of Erica’s head. JoAnne crouched over Erica’s body, looking closely for any signs of life. When she decided Erika was dead, she stood back up and dropped the rifle next to a cluster of her blood droplets.

JoAnne left the way she came in, cheerily waving at a man who was sitting in his car. She calmly strolled over to her green car in the shade, climbing in and driving away slowly. *She went home and ripped her clothes off, tossing them into the fire pit in her backyard moments before she jumped into their ice cold pool to scrub the blood off her body*.
(The Investigator takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly as she explains her theory)
It didn’t take us long to put together what happened to Brian and Erica. With the eyewitness account, fingerprints, and DNA evidence, it was easy to conclude that the killer was JoAnne Shalter. No other alien fingerprints were found in the lab and the camera footage places her entering and leaving the lab around the estimated time of death. It is beyond any reasonable doubt in my mind that anyone else committed the crime.
JoAnne Shalter ex-wife
Brian Shalter's colleague
Brian Shalter
Erica DeSillo
The Man in the parking lot
Investigating the Witness
Where were you during the time of the murder?

What exactly did you see?

Can you identify the person you saw leaving the crime scene the night of the murder?
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